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Short Story: Rise of the zombies



By Ekachit Khullar

In New York, an evil corporation manufactured medicines. The company was secretly working on a dangerous virus named Z. It had the capability to change the traits or characteristics of any human and turn them into zombies.

The company wanted to rule the world and decided to infect people. What they did is, they introduced a vaccine saying that it would cure cancer and started to sell the same in the market. Many cancer patients consumed it, hoping for a healthy life. 

In no time, the virus made inroads and infected 1/4th of the population of New York. It began to spread rapidly across regions and destroyed many cities across countries. The virus also reached the corporation and infected their staff. The scientist who made this virus, became the King of Zombies. Many people survived the virus and created a refugee camp.

21 years went by!

In all these years, zombies had made five major underground bunkers across the world. They were located in India, United States, Australia, Italy and Canada. Other than these countries, the rest of the world was demolished under the zombie teeth. Some human beings did survive. The Shaolin monks in China were the only protected community from the zombie apocalypse. This was due to their knowledge of antidotes.

But there was a worldwide problem of ‘alpha zombies’. They attacked the bunkers of the United States and killed humans. They hid in demolished cities and had recently attacked and killed soldiers too.

The Queen of Zombies became concerned about the situation. She wanted a blood sample of an ‘alpha zombie’ to create an antidote to destroy them. So, when the zombies attacked the bunkers, she took a sample.

Thanks to the government of the United States, the zombies began to decline rapidly. They came up with an antidote to reduce the body functions of a zombie. After that, zombies became easier to kill and could not walk. Now, for the remaining world, the number of humans began to increase.

During this period, the alphas became quiet. The United States’ government thought that this virus was over.

But, they didn’t realise that a person named Aditya Walnut, an Indo-American in the prison of China, has become the new ‘Alpha King’. He had attacked a small society in Columbia with his army and bit almost 300 people.