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Seek and ye shall find



By Punyaa Dewan

If you chase and pursue something with all your heart, your efforts will never stay unrewarded. The results of your quest depend upon the efforts you are willing to put in. So if one goes about searching with dedication and hardwork, she/he will come across with results.

Never give up hope, and chase your dreams with all your heart. Neither great efforts go unrewarded, nor do gentle prayers go unanswered. The famous biblical quote, “Seek and ye shall find” suggests that if you will inculcate the right attitude, then you will find yourself close to your destination.

So if you seek something wholeheartedly, you will attract to your destination the way a magnet attracts iron. Never do something half-heartedly. Always proceed
single-mindedly and stay determined to attain your goal. If you are determined enough, you will certainly achieve what you have been seeking. It is all about the correct mindset.

Instil a sense of positivity in your mind, as your thinking depends upon that. The famous biblical quote “Seek and ye shall find” implies that when you pray, God listens…So if you pray and ask God sincerely, you will receive his answer. If you want answers to your questions, then you must be determined! To resolve your quest, you need to manifest positivity and you will get what you have been seeking!

All it takes is effort, so put in the most out of yourself. If you want to reach your destination you need to have faith and the right mindset. As soon as you will realise that it is all about self-belief, your search will come to an end!

So search with all your heart, and you will definitely find it!

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