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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: Musings about time

This week’s winner, Garima Bhatoye credits her sister, who is a civil servant, for inspiring her



‘Don’t waste time’ – a saying we often hear from our elders. But the notion of time itself is very subjective. Philosophers have made enquiries on the concept and so have physicists. Unsurprisingly, both have different ideas to share. Garima Bhatoye, a class 11 student from Science – Non Medical stream of Apeejay School, Rama Mandi in Jalandhar attempts to question and understand it in her Scholar-Journalist article. In her interview, she talks about it and her inspiration to write it. Read On:

How did you zero down on the topic – Musings about time?

On the very first day of class 11 in school, my teacher started a discussion about the concept of time. She made us realise that time can be very subjective in nature. Each of us experience it differently. The same cannot be defined in a set format. I pondered over this thought and wanted to write it down. Plus, our teachers at Apeejay also encourage us to pen down our thoughts, write articles and explore our abilities. That’s how I decided to do so.  

Is this your first article?


What are your hobbies?

I like to read articles, news and books. The most recent book I read was – ‘Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr Joseph Murphy.

Your favourite pick from the book?

It is written so that individuals can develop their thought process. The book really changed my perspective towards day-to-day situations. I feel that it showed me the correct approach for tackling situations.

What would be the theme for your next write-up?  

My next is ‘Loneliness’- which I have sent to Apeejay Newsroom. I endeavour to write something topical and informative.

How do you utilise your time?

I plan my day, think and ponder on the daily events. I also love to engage with new ideas.

Your inspiration?

My sister, Dr Ruhee Dugg – she is a Deputy Commissioner at Faridkot, Punjab. I look up to her for her work-ethic and dedication. She really motivates me!

Your ambition?

I want to become a civil servant too.

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