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Sahitya Aaj Tak 22: An event to cherish lifetime



By Khushboo Gupta

As I went to attend the ‘Sahitya Aajtak 22’ event live, I felt the difference between a telecast and an actual talk show. It was inspiring and a new experience for all the students.

At the event, we got an opportunity to meet many guests and panellists. Meeting Mr. Swanand Kirikire, lyricist behind ‘Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh’, ‘Bavra Mann’ ,’O Ri Chidayaa‘  and many more was just like a dream come true. I felt that he is so talented and has the voice of experiences, situations and perspectives we put ourselves in, consciously. I literally fell in love with writing again at that moment.

We also got to see Kumar Vishwas Sir, the finest writer of his own genre – PeoplesVoice. As he puts his teen self forth timelessly, the youth feels themselves talking through him. His words, thoughts and creations are connected with the general public as he relates to the minute details of
human life, and his sheer depth of experiences. With the applause of hooting, ‘Wah Wah‘  and singing along, it was a sheer celebration of an artist.

Alas! I couldn’t see him at the end of the show due to the lack of time, but I was so thrilled to listen to every single writer present over there. But yes, this first literary event has created a ripple plan for me to attend many more.