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Real beauty lies within us



By Arhi Deka

Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted girl named Tia. She was very helpful to everyone. Everyone also liked her.

Tia loved to sing and wanted to be a singer. She was fortunately gifted with a good voice, and she was very happy with that.

She used to tell her parents: “Mama, Papa, I will be a very famous singer one day. People would love to hear me again and again.

Her parents were also very encouraging and supported her.

But as she grew up, she became very concerned about her bad shaped teeth and developed an inferiority complex about it, which made her diffident.

She always tried to hide her teeth while singing. Therefore, even after consistent efforts, she was not getting the appreciation that she really deserved.

Gradually, she was so disappointed that she wanted to give up on her singing.

Her parents were also very worried for her. They tried their level best to support and motivate her, but to no avail. They then decided to call her favourite teacher whom Tia loved a lot.

The teacher came to Tia and spoke to her. She said, “Tia, You are such a brave and kind girl. You are a great singer, and you need to realise your inner talent. I love to hear you singing and I am sure people would also love to hear you. Be confident, my child. I feel, sometimes you get concerned about your teeth which distracts you. Why are you so concerned about your looks? Every child is special and unique. So, believe in yourself, and remember, outer beauty is always superseded by inner beauty”. The teacher then made her understand that she should focus on her strengths.

Tia nodded, as she felt positive energy flowing from her teacher’s words. From that day onwards, she started believing in herself. Her parents were also very happy for her.

She soon became a confident girl. After some time, she was ready to be on the stage. She was not concerned about her bad-shaped teeth and her looks, anymore.

This time when she sang on the stage, she could hear the loud applause from the audience. She saw her proud parents standing in the crowd. She was delighted, and her spirits soared high.

Gradually people started appreciating and recognising her singing. This always motivated her to move ahead in life.

Moral of the Story: We should accept the way we are and focus on our strengths.