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Paarth Raj Kapoor, the math genius from Apeejay, Pitampura earns a place in the India Book of Records 2022

This 8-year-old has set a record by solving maximum 5-digit addition and subtraction sums under 15 minutes



A student of class 4 at Apeejay School, Pitampura, Paarth Raj Kapoor is habitual to calculating numbers in his mind. “He never sits idle,” says his mother, Sonia Kapoor, a homemaker. In an interview, the mother-son duo talk about the achievement. Edited excerpts:

Have you always been inclined towards mathematics?

Paarth: Yes, I have been learning Abacus techniques for the past two years. These are very helpful to solve complex math calculations.

Ms. Sonia Kapoor (mother): His teachers were the first ones to identify that he has a unique speed in performing calculations accurately. And so, my husband and I thought about applying to the India Book of Records and see if Paarth can do well there.

How did the record come about?

Paarth Kapoor: I solved fifteen 5-digit sums in 8 minutes and 30 seconds correctly.  

Ms. Sonia Kapoor (mother): The upper limit given to children in Paarth’s age category is 15 minutes. I am proud that he was able to solve the sums in a lesser amount of time. He was very fast and sharp.

How long did you practice setting the record?

Paarth: I started a month ago. The first time I performed these calculations, it took me 27 minutes. But soon, I was able to solve the calculations in less time. I believe consistent practice and concentration helped me to do so.

What extracurricular activities does Paarth enjoy?

Ms. Sonia Kapoor (mother): He loves to play Badminton. He also enjoys physical training classes at school.

What is your ambition?

Paarth: I want to be a mathematician.

Ms. Sonia Kapoor (mother): He is inspired by his teachers at Apeejay School, Pitampura. All the math teachers in the school are his favourite. He never misses their classes and even in the online learning mode, he achieved a 100% attendance record.  

What is up next for you?

Paarth: I want to set more records at the National and International level. I will participate in the Asia Book of Records and eventually Guinness too.

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