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‘Never compare your poems with others. Your poems have a unique identity’

Apeejay School Pitampura student Bhavyaa Goel shares how poetry is the art of painting of words for her



Poetry is not an assemblage of words. It is a spirit which resides in the little acts and thoughts of love that come from a sincere heart. This is what happened when Apeejay School Pitampura class 9 student Bhavyaa Goel thought about celebrating Earth Day on the occasion of Mother’s Day because Earth is our first mother. Her poem on the same is an ode to environmental conservation.

In the Apeejay Promising Poet interview series, Bhavyaa reminds other budding poets that it is almost a sin to compare one’s works with others. She advises all poets to capitalise on their strengths and find their unique style when it comes to poetry. It is crucial, for every artist counts. Edited excerpts: 

At what age did you start writing poems?

Honestly speaking, I was earlier not at all interested in writing poems. But since class 6, I started reading a lot of books. I started with the Harry Potter series at first. It gave me a great exposure to different types of words and a sense of how to frame the sentences. It was during that time that I came across the art of poetry. Through poems, we can express what otherwise we cannot express directly to people. It is an excellent way to convey your feelings. Poetry is basically the painting of words. I was always curious to learn new things and through this new hobby I could convey my feelings to the outside world. Now, I am able to write poems in a much better way. I wrote my first poem at the age of 11 – it was titled ‘Friendship’.

What inspired you to write poems?

I have read many books by different authors. I also regularly read many articles in the editorial section of the newspaper. During literature class, I used to read poems. I always wondered why I can’t write something like this. I found poetry very interesting and wanted to give it a try because life is all about trying and that’s how it all began.

Who is your favourite poet and what is your favourite poem?

Frankly speaking, I read random poems. So, I do not have a specific favourite poet. But I do have two favourite authors, J K Rowling and Ruskin Bond. I prefer reading stories and novels to poems but I like to write poems more than other forms of literature.

Do you prefer rhyme or free verse?

I prefer rhyme since it brings interest both to the readers and also to the poet, urging him/her to write on. When we rhyme something, there’s a hidden meaning behind it. Writing a poem is about having a hidden meaning, which you leave for the readers to find out.

Your poem ‘An ode to Mother Earth’ is a brilliant piece on environment conservation. Tell us the thought process behind it?

Well, Mother’s Day was approaching. I thought that since in reality every day is Mother’s Day and hence, why not celebrate Earth Day as Mother’s Day since Earth is our first mother. It gave us birth after all. So, I thought about writing a poem about conserving mother Earth on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This is something we ignore in our busy schedule. We all must do our bit to take care of Mother Earth. Nature gives us that peace and sense of calmness. It’s time we take environmental conservation seriously and sincerely.

Tell us about the process of writing a poem?

Firstly, I think about a topic. After getting a topic, I think more about the topic. And this thinking process goes on throughout the day. When I get a few verses or rhymes, I note it on a piece of paper. It comes in a flow when you are into it. It’s not like I have to complete the poem in one hour, there is no time limit. I enjoy doing this, so I don’t impose any undue restrictions on my creativity.

How does your school Apeejay Pitampura help you to write such beautiful verses?

Well, I am a new admission. I recently took admission in Apeejay Pitampura and I am so very grateful to all the teachers and also to Apeejay Newsroom. Apeejay Newsroom gave me the platform to express my thoughts and share my poems with others. I am also deeply thankful to my English teachers and all the other teachers at the school. They are so polite and they teach us in such a good manner. Although I am new, I am never hesitant to ask doubts because I feel so comfortable with all the teachers. So, the student-friendly environment and such amiable teachers gave me the courage to write poems and share them with others.

What are some of your upcoming poems?

It might be something on the lines of India of my dreams. It would basically be what I dream of our nation to be in reality or a poem on the concept of a shadow.

What advice would you like to give to a budding poet?

I started my journey of writing poems at the age of 11. I was not able to write very good poems back then. It took a bit of time. So, I would say, never give up. Ask your heart, if it says do it, then just do it – be it anything, not just poetry. It’s about the will, if there’s a will, there’s a way. I always follow this.

Also, never compare your poems with others. There’s always some or the other poet who is going to be better than you but you should have your unique way of writing poems, making your poems different from the other poets so that you can be highlighted. Your poem must send a different message. Always focus on your unique path!

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]