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NEP can help make India ‘viswaguru’ again: Venkaiah Naidu to educationists



Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu called for making India a Vishwaguru once again in the education sector and said the National Education Policy-2020 is a step in that direction. “India was once a land of world-class universities like Nalanda, Takshasila, Vikramasila and Pushpagiri. Students from across the globe used to come here for education. India should regain such eminence again,” he said at an award function organised by the Ramineni Foundation in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

He said there was no dearth of talent among youngsters in India and the need of the hour is to identify the talent and impart the required skills to them. He also wanted teachers to make learning a more interactive, immersive and enjoyable experience for students. He urged each teacher and school administrator to implement the provisions of NEP in letter and spirit.

Emphasising the importance of imparting education in mother tongue, the  Vice-President  said the long subjugation of the country under British rule had created an inferiority complex among some people in the country and stressed the need to shed the colonial mindset and return to Indian roots. In this context, he reiterated the importance of ‘guru-shishya’ tradition for a meaningful and holistic education.

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