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‘My trusted friend recommended that I get my child enrolled at Apeejay Pitampura’

Mr Vineet Jain and Mrs Ruchi Jain, parents of Apeejay Pitampura students Aarvi and Ruvi Jain, recollect the great reviews they received about the school and how the faith they reposed in the school has been vindicated



Vineet Jain and Ruchi Jain are proud parents of Apeejay Pitampura class 4 and 10 students Aarvi and Ruvi Jain respectively. Mr. Vineet Jain is a chartered accountant who works as the Chief Financial Officer with Mrs. Ruchi Jain, currently a homemaker, is a former admissions head at NIIT Model Town. In an interview, Mr. and Mrs. Jain discuss the progress of their daughters at school, their experience in the online mode of education and applaud the teachers for their consistent efforts in the same. Edited excerpts:

Why did you both choose Apeejay Pitampura over other schools for the admission of your daughters?

Mrs. Ruchi Jain (Mother):  Actually the children of a close friend of mine used to study at Apeejay Pitampura. We had a discussion with them when we were searching for a school for the admission of our eldest daughter. We got a fabulous review about the school from them. I still remember that my friend had told me “Aankh band karke is school mein admission karwado” (You can get your child here with your eyes shut). She gave me that good review about Apeejay Pitampura. So, we went ahead with this school.

Mr. Vineet Jain (Father) :    We had a good trust in the school since we got a great review from a trusted friend. So we were very clear that in the case that our name comes up at Apeejay Pitampura , we would certainly go ahead with the school. We kept trying very hard for the same.

Please tell us a bit about Aarvi and Ruvi and take us through their progress at school?

Mr Vineet Jain (Father):  Aarvi is a very sincere child from the very beginning. We have got the same feedback from her teachers over the last few years as well. The teachers have nurtured the child,  listened to our inputs and valued our expectations. So, the credit for their progress goes to the teachers. Aarvi is very vocal about her interest in creativity. She is committed towards creativity be it in the form of craft activities,painting or dancing. She is excellent with the hoopla. In any activity concerning the hoopla at school, Aarvi is the first to get selected. She is doing very well academically as well. She was the topper in her class and the subject topper in Hindi, EVS and Maths.

Mrs. Ruchi Jain (Mother): Ruvi is also very good at dancing. She reads a lot of books. She loves to read mystery and thriller books in particular. She loves watching the Marvel series as well. Ruvi is doing very good at school. She loves English the most, it is her favourite subject.  She is very serious in academics and is highly organised as a person and student.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Mrs. Ruchi Jain (Mother): The teachers are engaging very well with the students. Aarvi praises her Hindi teacher Chanchal ma’am, EVS teacher Soni mam, Math teacher Neetu mam and English teacher Mudita ma’am a lot. They have given such a heartfelt continuous support to Aarvi, which has in turn given her the motivation to progress. This is why she is the subject and class topper.

Mr Vineet Jain (Father): Definitely. The teachers are putting in their best efforts especially in the situation of the pandemic and the online classes.  In case the child is not himself/ herself not very vocal in asking questions or seeking the teacher’s help, the teachers find out the cause behind it and support the student. The teachers at Apeejay Pitampura are truly doing their best. I believe the teachers must boost the student’s morale, have a chat with him/her and see the trends in his/her academic performance. This will give the student the confidence to open up and seek help from the teacher when necessary.

What is the best thing about Apeejay Pitampura?

Mr Vineet Jain (Father):  I think it is the diversity of disciplines the school is successful in. Be it academics or extracurriculars or taking the students out to other countries for educational trips, the school has excelled in all these spheres. We have been very satisfied in terms of the overall exposure the school provides to both the students and the parents.

Mrs Ruchi Jain (Mother): I think it is the discipline. The school brings out the best in all the students and motivates them to hone their abilities. The school always motivates all students to progress in their strengths, they have always encouraged Aarvi in all fields from abacus to dance.  

How has the experience of the online classes been for Aarvi and Ruvi?

Mrs. Ruchi Jain (Mother):  Their experience of the online classes have been very good.  The school has not missed on any activity, experiment, dictation tests or reading skill tests. The students did not lag behind in anything. Ruvi submitted all her projects timely akin to the physical school approach.

Mr. Vineet Jain (Father):  I absolutely agree with her. The experience of the online classes was really nice. However, I have a suggestion. I think that the school along with parents should help devise a method or a way through which the child does not get distracted with all the OTT platforms one is exposed to due to the online mode of education and its use of technology.  

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