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‘My sense of responsibility elevated in this school’

This alumnus of Apeejay School, Faridabad can never thank his school enough for making him a kingpin in his profession today



Meet Sunil Somani, whose hands are full with running various businesses singlehandedly today. He credits back his achievements to his alma mater, which instilled the strength in him to make all his dreams a reality. In a candid interview, this tycoon talks about how discipline and strictness were the most sought-after things before selecting a school.

I am from the 1985 batch of Apeejay School, Faridabad in Sector 15. All my batchmates were like an extended family. I still recall that we had great amenities for sports, the basketball court, and cricket pitch were the two most sought-after facilities that we were most excited about. Teachers were also superb at the school during our time and treated us as friends rather than students.

I think students from our times feel more obligated to the school. We all want to give away to the school and society in some way or the other. I agree that this trend is very common amongst youngsters today, but what can I say, if they are not willing to return to their country, it’s unfortunate. I have stayed in Faridabad for the past 55 years and I will till the end.

We have been majorly into manufacturing automobile components and surface coatings and in various industries for the last 35 years. Our units are based in Faridabad. We are also into manufacturing industrial LED lighting. Just to add, I am associated with various industrial associations and a founder member of the Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I have been associated with Rotary for the last 25 years. I also served as Rotary president from 2010-11.

I have been in my profession for the last 38 years and now when I reflect, I realise that I have not taken a single holiday. I used to travel a lot and even if I returned at 4 am, I would still reach the office by 9:30 am. I have so far enjoyed my work and it’s like meditation for me, leading to happiness and contentment.

As I left the classrooms today, I was reminded of the sweet nostalgia of lessons learned, friendships forged, and the transformative journey of growth within those four walls. A classroom is not just a space for education; it’s a sanctuary of memories that last a lifetime.

My school has played a crucial role in shaping my personality by providing a structured environment for learning, social interactions, and personal development. For me, the environment typically was bound by rules and expectations that helped instil discipline and a sense of responsibility. Adhering to schedules, completing assignments, and participating in various activities contribute to the development of responsibility.

Anubha Singh is the Principal Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. Having a journalism and mass communication background, she has varied experience with renowned print publications like Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and Deccan Chronicle. Her niche expertise lies in reporting and content creation for different core areas. She can be reached at [email protected] for any communication.