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My kids have grown up as beautiful individuals, thanks to Apeejay for a strong foundation: Rashika Kakar



Rashika Kakar with her husband Vinod and kids- Manav (L) and Ashwika

Her husband is an alumni of Apeejay School Faridabad and now their children- Manav and Ashwika are following the legacy. As a mother, Rashika Kakar is satisfied that their kids are in the right hand and a team effort can take them to touch the sky.

Tell me something about yourself and family?
I am Rashika Kakar (43). I am a homemaker. I live with my in-laws in Faridabad. My husband- Vinod Kakar, a proud alumni of Apeejay, deals in electroplating chemicals. We have two children- Manav Kakar (18), who also passed out from Apeejay last year and a daughter Ashwika Kakar (14) who is studying in Class X at Apeejay School, Faridabad.

What made you choose Apeejay School for your kids?
I come from a Defence background. My father was a Wing Commander so I have studied in different schools in India. So, school was a very big priority. Education foundation is very important.  When I got married in Faridabad, there were only two schools. I had a preference for Apeejay as my husband was a pass-out from there. But when I went for the interviews to know about the school, it was around 15-16 years ago when there was not much access to the internet, I made the decision on the basis of what I have analysed and observed. In the other school, they were only interested in the turnover of my husband’s business rather than our qualification. But at Apeejay, I got impressed with the fact that they were keener about our education to make sure that the child will reciprocate the same at home as well. Also, the Principal interacted with my son, a panel interviewed my son for pre-nursery admissions and they were more focused on not my kid being a genius but the small etiquettes.
For my daughter, I never had a second thought about the school. It was a bang-on decision to send her to Apeejay. Going back to the same family again, is what I told my daughter.

Are you happy with the performance of your children?
Absolutely.  My son finished his Class XII last year. After his last examination, there was a lockdown. Eventually he applied for his majors in Computer Science. He was the head boy of the school, who had also earned 2020 SAT India Top performer award for his outstanding performance, and was selected by University of British Columbia to pursue B Sc. in Computer Science. The support I got from the school at the time of Manav was incredible.

Has Apeejay been supportive in the entire journey of schooling?
Be it studies or preparation for his entrance examination, Apeejay was a hand-in-hand supporter. I am thankful to them.
Both my children are Golfers. My son is a national level Golfer, and my daughter plays Golf as well. It was a whole profile building with the help of the school, kids’ hard work and me taking care of them. It was a big team work which led me to a very good profile building for Manav. I am sure without the support of the school we would not have achieved it. For the provisional admission to British Columbia, they asked us for his pre-board marks in January. Ms. Parul Tygai Ma’am, the principal of the school, helped me a lot. Whatever I required at that time, I always got the support.

Your daughter’s experience of online classes?
Ashwika is in class Xth. Extra classes are being organised by the teachers.  Last year, when everything was online, the school was so supportive. I was happy that during the pandemic my kids were at home in a protective environment. The teachers took so much effort. I receive so many calls from the teachers that your kid is doing well and her camera is always on unlike other students who keep the camera off. She got 96% in her Class IX. I must salute the teachers for conducting online examinations with cameras on, proper in vigilance. The teachers checked the pdf of answer sheets and I could see the check marks, circles on them. There was full participation from the school.

Can you highlight the values that Apeejay is inculcating?
The support, the hard-work, the dedication and the team work that the teachers and students are doing at Apeejay is incredible. There are teachers who taught my husband in school and have also taught my son. It is like a heritage. Apeejay has such mature and well-experienced teachers who have given their lives to teaching. They may not be very well-versed with the technology but right now they have upgraded themselves. I am very blessed that my kids are under the right guidance. I myself am a very passionate person, where I want my kids to excel in education. A strong foundation is what Apeejay is giving us. These values have been inculcated in our children. The kids have grown up beautifully as individuals.

“If you are excellent in education, you can never lose a battle in the world in life.

– Rashika Kakar

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