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‘My daughter’s teachers make classes interesting, informative and enriching for them’

Mrs. Akanksha Pandey, mother of Apeejay School Kharghar student Spriha, shares how teachers have made a positive change in her daughter’s personality.



Mrs. Akanksha Pandey is a homemaker and her husband, Siddhartha Pandey, is a Vice President at ICICI Securities. They are proud parents of Spriha Pandey, enrolled in class 8 at Apeejay School, Kharghar. In a brief interview, Mrs. Pandey applauds the effort of teachers toward the education of children. Edited excerpts:

What made you think Apeejay School, Kharghar, would be the right choice for your daughter?

It was around 10 years back when we were looking for a good school for our child. We wanted a long-term association with a school that has a rich heritage and reputation in the vicinity. Apeejay was an obvious choice.

Do you personally interact with the faculty on a regular basis?

Yes, definitely. In fact, teachers are so welcoming that I don’t have to wait for the Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM). With such a long journey with teachers and school, our child has grown so far. Teachers are affectionate and share their input with us on regular basis.

Tell us what you think about the way teachers conduct classes.

Teachers at Apeejay School, Kharghar try to make classes interesting, informative and enriching for the students. They share the history behind an experiment to add that extra information. Kids relate to it and thus remember it for a long. Also, teachers encourage the children to try and make mistakes. And no wonder my child isn’t afraid of trying new things rather she is confident.

I feel parents shouldn’t change schools. It’s because each teacher has seen the growth of a child, they know in and out of the child. And even, we parents, get comfortable with teachers. Plus the memories, from pre-school to higher grades come as a priceless bonus. I still profoundly remember her first annual day and jitters.

Have you noticed any particular improvement in your daughter?

Confidence and assertion are some of the skills that have been developed in Spriha in the last few years. She has opened up a lot and started feeling optimistic while speaking publicly. Her trust in teachers have made a positive change in her personality.

How are the teachers helping students on a personal level?

Teachers give small responsibilities to children. This helps them feel important and learn to complete a task in a given time. Also, they do talk about being grateful by giving examples from their experiences. Teachers encourage and share inputs of various exams and activities being held outside school which gives wider exposure to kids. The shortcomings are reported in a very subtle way to us, at PTMs.

How is School helping to enhance the speaking skills of your daughter?

The various events and activities held at school help Spriha to shed her inhibition and participate. After a few teething troubles, she started enjoying it and eventually is getting better at it. The teachers guide the students about modulation, pauses, etc., which ultimately helps them to enhance their speaking skills. When there are so many efforts, the product generally is good.

Divya is a Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has a degree of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was a former sub-editor at News 24. Her passion for writing has always contributed to her professional and personal growth.