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‘Modelling teaches kids to handle attention in a positive way’

Rohit Arora, father of child model Rudransh, a class 4 student of Apeejay School Noida, shares valuable tips to get your child into modelling



Child model Rudransh Arora during a photo shoot

Rohit is a former model and works with Air India as Deputy Chief Cabin Crew while his wife Triveni Arora works in the admin department of a private school. Their nine-year-old son, Rudransh, started modelling at the age of 13 months. Since then he has done print shoots  for renowned brands like Bank of Baroda, PolicyBoss, Indian Bank, Apollo Pharmacy, Anokhi Magazine, ATS builders, Kellogg’s, Times Of India Pune Property Fest, Tupperware, IIFL Trading , and the list goes on. In an interview, Rohit shares important lessons on nurturing a talented child prodigy.  

Tell us about Rudransh and how did he land his first assignment?

My son has been studying in Apeejay since nursery. Apart from academics, he actively participates in extracurricular activities, including sports. He did his first shoot when he was 13-month-old. Coming to his first break, I came to know through a reference that an audition is being held for baby models in Mehrauli, Delhi. I took Rudransh to the venue and luckily he cleared the audition. That’ how he bagged his first-ever assignment which was related to a tour package. After that, there’s been no looking back and assignments started falling in his bucket one after another. He has now done shoots for prominent brands and is comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

What piqued your interest in modelling?

I began my career as a model and did some print shoots. So, I always had the inclination for this field.  Now, I am elated that Rudransh has got an early entry into the world of modelling.

According to you, should kids be exposed to modelling at an early age?

Children get exposed to cameras at an early age. I believe modelling is a great way to teach kids how to handle attention in a positive way. Models need to pose and follow instructions from the photographer and doing it to perfection boosts their confidence and self-esteem. It also teaches them the importance of hard work and giving it your all as getting that ‘perfect pose’ takes time and effort. A child also gets to learn social etiquette and their creativity too gets enhanced. Importantly, if a kid faces any issue, the child’s caregiver is always nearby to comfort him/her. Though, I must put it on record that shoots are not easy and could last up to 9-10 hours. It’s quite a challenge and one has to have the spirit and dedication to pull it off.

Did Rudransh face any problem balancing shoots and studies?  

Absolutely not! It’s not as if Rudransh has assignments every week. He gets work every 2-3 months. So his studies are not hampered at all. We as parents understand the importance of good education in the formative years and are well aware that there can’t be any compromise on studies and extracurricular activities.

What are the things to keep in mind before getting your child into modelling?

First of all ask yourself, does your child want to do it? Is this something your child would enjoy? My kid loves modelling and he gets full support from us. Secondly, cutelooks are a plus, but a child that loves the camera is what makes for great pictures. Thirdly, steer clear of scams. If someone asks you for money up front, it’s a red flag. If you get a reference, verify it before you say yes. Fourthly, I don’t think there’s a need to build a portfolio of your child as phone cameras nowadays are competent enough to snap good pictures. Most advertising agencies prefer natural-looking shots. Lastly, don’t go into modelling for the lure of money.  

What are Rudransh’s future plans?

It’s too early to talk about his future. He is still exploring and learning new things. I don’t want to ‘thopofy’ (impose) my views on him.

“It takes courage and confidence to stand in front of the camera and to get into the skin of the character demanded. In the beginning it wasn’t easy for me. It took a lot of patience and effort to understand what’s required and then deliver it as per the expectations.”

Rudransh Arora, child model  

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