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Middle school students participate in a gripping spelling bee competition

A total of 189 students participated in the competition



Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri, organised an intra-class Spell Bee competition for the students of classes IV to VIII. Students were asked to spell a broad selection of words, with varying degrees of difficulty. Contestants must accurately memorise the spellings of words as written in dictionaries and recite them accordingly.

The competition was aimed to promote literacy by providing a positive goal to work toward. It offered them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work. All students took part enthusiastically with a healthy spirit of competition. A total of 189 students participated in the event.

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The winners are as follows:

Class IV

I – Vidit Rao and Hemang Garg

II- Manit 

III- Bhawika and Aarav

Class V

I – Ansh Kumar 

II- Manvi and Tejas Sharma

III – Aaradhya

Class VI

I – Rajashree Basak and Ojas Sharma

II – Sunidhi Goyal

III- Haniksha and Sanvi

Class VII

I – Viahn Phalswal

II- Jatin Kumar

III- Kuber Goyal

Class VIII

I -Anshika Jakhar

II – Divya Sharma

III – Aditya Pratap

Spelling bee competition is said to have originated in the United States and is now held in several countries. In India, such competitions are held in schools across the country at the school level, region level, state-level as well as national level. It has seen increasing interest and participation in rural and suburban areas as well.

“Spellings are critical components of communications. They need to be correct in order to have an error free communication. In Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri a lot of emphasis is given to develop correct spelling skills among students.”

-Rudrendra Basak, principal, Apeejay Charkhi Dadri

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.