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Meet Myrah Chopra: A whirlwind of talent on the Badminton court

The ten-year-old dynamo is on her way to bringing national glory



In a nation historically enraptured by the fervour of cricket, a new sporting passion is quietly but resolutely emerging: Badminton. India, long hailed as a cricketing powerhouse, is now witnessing a palpable surge in interest and enthusiasm for the shuttle sport. This burgeoning affinity can be attributed, in no small part, to the awe-inspiring feats of sports icons like PV Sindhu. Her meteoric rise to prominence on the global badminton stage has not only earned her accolades and admiration but has also catalysed a sweeping movement, inspiring countless young aspirants to take up the racket. As she stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of badminton, PV Sindhu is undeniably a driving force behind the sport’s burgeoning popularity, signalling a transformative shift in India’s sporting landscape.

Myrah Chopra, a 10-year-old prodigy hailing from Jalandhar, exemplifies this phenomenon. Her recent badminton game with the iconic Sindhu during the grand inauguration of the

Li-Ning Superstore on September 2, 2023, marked a significant milestone in her career, solidifying her resolve to excel in the sport. Recounting her experience, she says, “The entire city was bustling as PV Sindhu was visiting. I got lucky to have got a chance to get her autograph. While meeting her, initially, I felt a bit nervous but I was able to play well.”

From the moment Myrah held the badminton racket, her passion for the sport was unmissable. Encouraged and nurtured by her devoted father, a successful Jalandhar-based businessman, Myrah’s journey into the world of badminton has been nothing short of inspirational. The familial support has provided her with a foundation of confidence and determination that is evident in her every move on the court. “I train at Hansraj Stadium in the city regularly. Every session is about four-five hours long, says the young player. Besides, she makes it a point to perform a rigorous exercise regime such as stretching and stays away from junk food.

Myrah’s tireless dedication and relentless work ethic have begun to yield impressive results. She recently clinched top honours in badminton at both district and state levels, demonstrating her exceptional talent and unwavering determination to succeed. These triumphs not only elevated her status in the local badminton circuit but also set the stage for her next ambitious goal: National level competitions.

Myrah’s dreams stretch far beyond local and regional tournaments. Guided by three distinguished coaches in Jalandhar, she is rigorously honing her skills to compete at the highest echelons of her sport. Each training session sees her striving to refine her technique, enhance her agility, and sharpen her tactical acumen. Her coaches speak highly of her dedication and aptitude, citing her as a rare gem in the world of budding badminton talent. She says,


What sets Myrah apart is not only her prowess on the court but also her academic acumen. A testament to her discipline and unwavering determination, she successfully manages to strike a harmonious balance between the demands of her studies and her sporting pursuits. This balanced approach underscores her maturity beyond her years, providing a rock-solid foundation for her future endeavors.

With her sights firmly set on the horizon, Myrah is poised to make significant waves. Her innate talent, combined with her unyielding work ethic, positions her as a formidable force. As she continues to fine-tune her skills under the watchful eye of her esteemed coaches, the nation can anticipate witnessing Myrah’s name etched in the annals of Indian badminton history.

From a spirited young enthusiast to a promising badminton prodigy, Myrah is a narrative that resonates with aspiring athletes nationwide. Her recent encounter with PV Sindhu is emblematic of her potential and the heights she can attain with sustained dedication and support. As she advances towards national-level competitions, her story is poised to inspire countless others to chase their dreams, both in sports and beyond. The nation awaits, with bated breath, the moment when Myrah’s name becomes synonymous with excellence in badminton. 

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