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By Niyati Bali

We are the citizens of India and part of a social community that defines us. This community deserves great recognition and support from us and we need to service it back.

I firmly believe that it is quintessential for us to realise that this same community instills morals in us. Genuine care and concern towards it can uplift the status of many. I consider myself blessed to be able to contribute to the betterment of our people. I attempt to do so in small ways. Whether it is by picking up trash from the road or providing water to animals on cruel summer days, I often think about methods via which I can aid my surroundings.

There is warmth in engaging oneself in socially relevant causes.  Besides, by being a helping hand to the community, we can improve our own being. Essential skills such as communication, teamwork and efficiency can be learnt if one starts to regularly engage with their community. By showing initiative and taking responsibility for others, we learn, listen, create and communicate in many ways. The best part about this are the social connections we can form along the way.

Often, community-based initiatives come as a stress-buster. If one takes a break from their overwhelmingly busy lives to visit an orphanage or an old age home, they will know what I mean. Active involvement with people is incomparable with any other commitment.

For me helping the community is about creating an acceptable environment for all, one that is gender-neutral, empowering and creates novel opportunities for people. I strongly believe that in order to further this, the youth of the nation should step up.

They must spread awareness, use social media and stay personally involved in the resolution of societal issues. Our strength lies in united efforts, and therefore, one person can change a lot. But, if that one becomes ten, won’t that be great? It is this approach towards community-service that should be rooted in our minds. A little sensitisation time and again could help and do wonders!

What keeps me going to do my bit, is the thought of a brighter side. I envision India to become a land free from cruelty, filled with love and acceptance for everyone, covered with greenery and surrounded by gleaming blue oceans and paper white snow.

To achieve this, the support of other citizens is also required. So, let’s work for a better India together!