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Leadership, inspiration, and the legacy of Dr. Stya Paul: A tale of resilience



By: Vipul Mittal

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

To achieve our goals and fulfill our responsibilities, we need to focus our energy and spirit on the task at hand. For effective teamwork, we require organised effort, which is only possible with a leader who has the ability to empower, motivate, and communicate effectively. A leader should be a confident individual who continually strives for self-improvement and inspires others.

Honesty and integrity should be the core values of a good leader. A leader should also be well-versed in their field so they can effectively guide others. A leader must always remain focused and disciplined in order to set meaningful goals and achieve them.

Leadership is not merely a position of power but a responsibility that demands constant attention. A leader must believe in their team, place trust in them, and have a strong belief in their values. Additionally, a leader should not be afraid to adapt and embrace change, demonstrating the courage to face adversities that may arise.

Due to recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have transitioned to digital learning, making educational opportunities more accessible to students nationwide. Various opportunities, such as Model United Nations simulations, provide students with valuable experiences in diplomacy, teamwork, and international relations, helping them develop their leadership and effective communication skills for their future careers. Any student with access to a device and the internet can participate in these events, promoting healthy competition.

One exemplary leader we can draw inspiration from is Dr. Stya Paul, the Founder Chairman of the Apeejay Education. He was an eminent industrialist, educationist, and philanthropist. Despite suffering from a physical handicap caused by polio at the age of two, he overcame his disability and humble beginnings to become one of the most respected figures in the nation.

Dr. Stya Paul’s strong willpower, caliber, dedication, and leadership qualities positioned him as a pivotal figure in his community throughout his career. He served as the President of the Engineering Association of India, the Federation of Engineering Industries of India, and the Northern India Chamber of Commerce. He also played key roles in Rotary Clubs in Jalandhar, Delhi Midtown, and District 301, and served for several years as Chairman of the Handicapped Committee of the Rotary Club of Delhi Midtown.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to industry and education, the Government of Punjab conferred upon Dr. Stya Paul the prestigious ‘Udyog Ratna’ award on September 07, 2005.

This brief account of Dr. Stya Paul’s life demonstrates his remarkable ability to lead and inspire others to strive for excellence.