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‘Indian women are leaving footprints in every industry now’

‘At the same time, women are more empathetic, sensitive, and multi-skilled so they can wear many hats,’ says Apeejay School of Management Director Dr Alka Munjal



Dr Alka Munjal received an excellence award for woman leadership in education at the Ear to Hear First Annual Meet, Leadership Awards & Women Empowerment Awards 2022. The event was held this month at India International Centre, New Delhi.

“I believe that men and women work together in consonance. Apeejay Education Society is led by a very able and strong woman, our president Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia. So, we learn and imbibe many things from her,” Dr Munjal said.

Talking about women empowerment in the country, she added, “Traditionally, Indian women have taken a backseat in terms of their career. However, we are seeing a lot of change now. Women are leaving their footprints in every industry. While education, as an industry, has adequate women representation, the numbers are meagre in leadership positions like a vice-chancellor, for instance. However, it is slowly and surely changing. I strongly believe that men and women’s empowerment have to go hand-in-hand. At the same time, women are more empathetic, sensitive, and multi-skilled so we can wear many hats.”

Along with Dr Munjal, Assistant Professor Anuj Kumar from ASM also won a certificate of appreciation.

Ear to Hear, founded by Richa Mehta is a social initiative for women, by women, to raise awareness about mental health issues, something many are grappling with today. Ear to Hear endeavours to help women come out and take control of their lives. What began about 1.5 years back now has over 2000 women across India who are associated with it.

“I feel humbled to have received this award from Ear to Hear. Thank you for recognising my work in helping out academicians on the research front,” said Anuj Kumar. Earlier, he was also awarded the “Best Researcher” certificate for the year 2021-22 for publishing a number of engaging and informative research papers.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.