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I had a dream



By Sreeja Barman

“I had a dream. A dream at night. Not one related to Martin Luther King Jr. A ‘real dream’ associated with the past. I sprung back from 3 years ago. I wish it could be real.

The dream was fascinating. I was sleeping at night in the dream. Actually, I was not really sleeping but just my eyes were closed. I was anxious about the presentation of my Maths Art Integrated Project, whether I would speak fluently, or not.

The next morning when I woke up, my mom said, “Chalo Sreeja, get up. You have to go to school today.” School? What school? Which school? Why school? All these thoughts ran in my mind.

My mom said, “This is 2022, not 2020, offline classes are compulsory. You forgot or what?” I was still confused. I didn’t brush and directly took my excursion bag and went outside the gate. Why I didn’t brush and take my ‘excursion’ bag instead of the normal one, I still don’t understand. It’s a dream after all!

When I went outside, I saw that I was in school! I waved at my parents “Bye-Bye!” and the door was closed. In a moment, the door transformed into the door of class 8D. And then, a series of surprising events made me madder.

My friends waved at me, “Hey Sreeja! After a long time, eh?” I was the only tall person in Class 8. And it was embarrassing because all my friends were shorter in height. We came to school after a long time, the teachers planned a small trip to the lake nearby, Jewel of Navi Mumbai.

We were going there to have breakfast, an innovative idea. We waited to board the bus but unfortunately, our chemistry teacher announced, “Sorry students. Your trip is cancelled.”

“Many people crowded at the location and the police arrived. They were not following Covid-19 safety norms.”  I didn’t understand why we had to follow these norms even though the pandemic had ended.

Then, I was disturbed in my dream. I enjoyed seeing myself back in school. I loved being at the school, even though I was dreaming.