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I got 100 marks in my CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam. Here’s how I studied: Abhay Takiar



Abhay Takiar

Abhay Takiar is pursuing MBBS from Dayanand Medical College (DMC) Ludhiana, Punjab. He completed his schooling from Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar. In the CBSE 12 Board Exam 2020, he scored 100 in Chemistry. In an interview, Abhay shares success tips for Boards and NEET.  

You scored more than 97 per cent in the board exams. Did you plan for it?
No. I prepared well for the three main subjects i.e. Physics (95), Biology (99) and Chemistry (100). I scored 95 in English and didn’t expect to score 100 in Painting either. The method of preparation for the Board is different from NEET. As you know, a total of 180 MCQs are asked in the NEET exam from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. NEET is objective, whereas Boards are subjective. For class 12 board, focus on topics suggested by your teachers, whereas for NEET, solve a lot of sample papers to get an idea about your preparation level and where you need to work more to score better.

What are other things one should keep in mind?
One should be punctual to school and coaching institutes (if you are preparing for NEET). This helps you to keep a tab on important announcements, discussions, questions and explanations. If you are taking coaching for NEET, interact and exchange ideas with other students. To deal with exam stress, talk to your parents, siblings or friends regularly. For instance, I used to constantly chit chat with my mother to maintain a positive spirit. Every day, reach a point where you get saturated with studies.  It’s also important to seek the help of your teachers and friends to understand difficult topics.

How did you manage to score 100 in Chemistry?
I guess I was a bit lucky (laughs). When I saw the question paper my eyes lit up. I knew everything. Though, it doesn’t mean I didn’t put in the hard work. It’s rightly said that there is no substitute for hard work. I also focused a lot on organic chemistry. My advice to others would be don’t put pressure on yourself to score 100 in a subject(s). This could easily backfire. Another thing you should avoid is cramming just before an exam. Knowing you need to learn a lot of information in order to perform well in an exam can stress you out.  

How important is time management?
It’s critical to say the least.  You have the pressure to prepare for NEET along with class 12 Board Exam. Students learn more effectively when they manage time in the right way. Apart from academics, it’s also important to make time for exercise in your busy schedule. It will be good for your physical and mental health.  Though, I didn’t focus much on exercise and ended up gaining 7-8 kgs. One should learn from one’s mistakes.   

Who inspired you to pursue MBBS?
I followed in the footsteps of my elder brother. He has completed his MBBS course and is currently doing a one-year internship. He also studied from the Apeejay.

“Family support is very important. Every day, my mother used to drop me to the school then pick me up from school and drop me to the NEET coaching centre and again pick me up for home. My brother also pitched in from time to time. They did it all with full dedication and punctuality. As a result, I never got late for my classes.”

Abhay Takiar, MBBS student

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