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‘I express my emotions through the colours I use in my paintings’

Apeejay Svran Global art prodigy Gurnoor Kaur speaks about her passion for painting, colours and self-expression.



Art is more than a pastime or a passing fad, it is a powerful medium for creative self-expression. At times, it even serves as a mirror to society and reminds people repeatedly of their inherent human value and latent individual potential.  

Gurnoor Kaur, class four student at Apeejay Svran Global School is a talented young artist. She finds painting as an effective way to express herself. Her drawings and paintings have begun to captivate the minds of many onlookers. In an exclusive interview, the young artist discusses the role of her art teacher in her life, her favourite painting and some of her best art-works so far. Edited excerpts:

 At what age did you start learning art?

My interest in art developed on meeting Anjali Ma’am, the art teacher in school. I love the way she teaches art. Her way of teaching makes me more interested in practising art. She has been teaching me since Kindergarten. I was four years old back then. She taught me everything from how to make a circle to drawing, painting and shading. I’m still learning from her and I am trying to learn a lot every day.

What is your favourite art form and why?

 My favourite art form is painting. I love painting the most since I am able to express my feelings in the painting through the effects of the colours that I use in the painting. I have done many paintings but my best one so far is the painting of Waheguru ji. I feel that because of Anjali Ma’am and Waheguru ji’s blessings, I am able to practice and learn painting.

What are the different types of art forms that you practice?

I am learning about many new art forms. So far, I have done painting, shading and simple drawing. Also, recently I learned Mandala art. My cousin Ridhima Bhatia taught me that.  I can do sketching very easily but when it comes to drawing a human face, that is a bit difficult for me at present. Ridhima teaches me how to draw a human face and she also helps me in everything related to art.  Recently, I made a sketch of myself sitting in an armchair  from a picture of mine taken last year during my birthday. I made the sketch using shading pencils and colour pencils. I use 2-B, 3-B and 4-B shading pencils.

How does the school help you in pursuing art?

The school helps me in each and everything. Anjali Ma’am and all the teachers encourage me in all my artistic endeavours and I really love and value their encouragement.  We students are free to call Anjali  Ma’am  anytime.  She teaches me new concepts and also gives me extra time after class on certain occasions.

What are some of your next art projects?

Well, actually I am very inspired by today’s interview. So, I am planning to draw a sketch of a journalist taking my interview while I am sketching. Let’s see how that comes out. 

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