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How we made eco-friendly bricks to save the environment



By Kanan Vij and Kangna Vij

Plastic is everywhere. And, it is undoubtedly cheap and easy to use. But, its usage is affecting the Earth including mankind, wildlife and aquatic life. Plastic reduces fertility of the soil and harms animals as they unknowingly swallow it.

Therefore, we must realise that the said material is harming us in a big way. Since our birthday, we have pledged not to put plastic bags and bottles in the bin.

If you ask us, what will we do about it then? The answer is: we have started putting them in plastic bottles to make bricks out of it. We call these ‘eco-friendly bricks.’ We believe that this will protect our Mother Nature as we conserve the environment from becoming degraded by plastic.  

Collectively, we have made it a habit to not to throw but collect plastic wrappers after eating chips, chocolate etc. and put them in a bag. Whenever we find time, we stuff them into pet bottles. Seeing our initiative, even our family members have started to do the same.

We feel that this small attempt will one day lead to a big change. Therefore, we encourage others to do the same, and start now. Together we will make the Earth a cleaner and safe place to stay.