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How connections and communications changed in the post-pandemic era



By Akanksha

The global pandemic has forever changed our experiences― as customers, employees, citizens, and humans. In fact, our attitudes and behaviors towards things today are quite different . The way we used to go out, eat, study, and work – all of these have transformed significantly. Moreover, the biggest business impact of this economic upheaval was that the old ways of working may not be working in the pandemic era today. And so, it’s time for organisations to rethink their business models, talent, operations, and more. 

If we talk about the communication and events industry, it has faced both good and bad effects. The good thing is that virtual events have worked wonders for helping organisations keep in touch with their audiences throughout the pandemic. Yes, a lot of processes have become pretty much online. 

However, the bad is it has not been an easy ride. With the onset of this health crisis, the perception of people has also changed. And given that events and communication industry is inherently linked to human behaviour and perception, the event organisers have faced problems like difficulties engaging with their attendees to make a lasting impact. Moreover, virtual events have not been able to completely create a vibe of an in-person event. 

Having said that, we still can’t ignore the new reality. Social media has become a lot more aware of what people would love to see and comprehend at a time of uncertainty. Even brands are communicating with their audience in a certain way post-pandemic — identifying which medium — Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to use to communicate. These social media platforms have made lives of people manageable by showcasing togetherness, love, and care through its innovative campaigns. At the same time, even as cinemas halls or theatres were hit hard due to the pandemic, the entertainment quotient grew differently. This virus rewrote various dynamics of the entertainment industry wherein the industry launched some of the highest grossing Bollywood movies on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Well, the topsy-turvy scenario helped OTT platforms to reach newer heights. 

In a nutshell, the secret lies in creating more immersive experiences. Well, it’s become important, more than ever before, to create an engaging and interactive experience for individuals. The idea is to drive meaningful connections via a virtual setup similar to pre-Covid times.

The game is on and the challenge is to keep creating these experiences not just for today but for the uncertain future.