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Thanks to Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, my son performs on stage with aplomb: Sareen Kanwal Ahir



Sareen Kanwal Ahir with his wife Seema Rani and children Vikrant and Kavisha

Sareen Kanwal Ahir is a businessman based in Jalandhar while his wife, Seema Rani, is employed with the Border Security Force. The couple has two children, Vikrant Ahir and Kavisha Ahir, studying in Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, Hoshiarpur Road. Vikrant is in class 1 and Kavisha is in LKG. In an interview, Sareen acknowledged the contribution of the school in laying a solid foundation for the future growth of their children.

Why did you pick Apeejay for your children?
We shortlisted two schools – Apeejay and IVY World School ­– for Vikrant’s nursery admission. The need for safe passage of our child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us.  Unlike IVY World School, Apeejay provides the school bus facility in our area. I was also mighty impressed with the cordial behaviour of staff and teachers when I first visited Apeejay. They were exuding warmth! Last but not the least, Apeejay schools are well recognised as pioneers and trend-setters in quality education. We wasted no time and got Vikrant enrolled in Nursery. Impressed with his progress, we also got Kavisha admitted to the school. 

Are you satisfied with the contribution of the school?
Both my children were shy when they got enrolled in school, but teachers have made a great deal of effort in making them confident and erudite. We have seen tremendous change in our children’s personality. Keep in mind that my son will be seven soon and my daughter is four-and-a-half-years-old. For instance, Vikrant freely interacts with his teachers and actively participates in class discussions. During my schooling days, I had stage fright. My heartbeat quickened when holding a microphone. Now, to see my son giving all kinds of performances on stage with aplomb is heartening. My son is not alone, almost all students from his class are confident public speakers. There was a time when some of the students from Vikrant’s class used to stutter while speaking online, but over time they have become quite expressive. Academically, both my children are doing well. They also participate actively in extracurricular activities. Recently, the school celebrated Baisakhi online with fervour and gaiety. Vikrant and Kavisha were dressed in colourful Punjabi traditional attire. Vikrant was dressed as ‘Nanha gabru’ while Kavisha was in the getup of ‘Nanhi mutiyar’.

Are you happy with the quality of online classes?
There’s a fixed schedule for online classes which really helps the parents in planning their daily routine. The classes start around 8:30 am and get over around 12:30 pm. The teachers teach with full honesty, dedication and courtesy. They have also shared their personal contacts with parents to respond to the needs and concerns of families. As parents you can’t ask for more. The school has provided a caring and loving environment.

Share your most memorable moments with us?
My most memorable moment was when I saw Vikrant performing on the stage for the first time. He was in Nursery then. There was a competition in the school and he was dressed as ‘Mr. Angel’. He did a ramp walk, spoke about himself and recited a poem. The icing on the cake came when he was awarded the first prize. My joy knew no bounds.

“I have friends who want to change the schools where their children study. When they seek my feedback on Apeejay, I tell them that I am fully satisfied with the school. For Apeejay, the holistic development of a child is of utmost importance. The students at Apeejay stand out from the crowd due to their personality.”

Sareen Kanwal Ahir

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