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Hazards of not reopening schools too serious to be ignored: Parliamentary panel



The risks of not reopening schools for much longer are “too serious to be ignored”, according to a parliamentary panel. “The closure of schools for over a year has had a deep impact on the wellbeing of students, especially their mental health. The hazards of not opening the schools are too serious to be ignored. The confinement of young children within the four walls of the house, being unable to attend school, has altered the relationship between the parent and the children adversely. The closure of schools has impacted the social fabric of the family in a negative manner leading to early/child marriage and increased involvement of children in household chores. The present situation has exacerbated the learning crisis that existed even before the pandemic with the marginal and vulnerable children getting adversely affected. Keeping this situation in mind, it becomes all the more imperative to open schools,” the parliamentary standing committee on education, women, children, youth and sports said in its report.

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