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‘Having joined ASU, my child has a bright future’

Ravi Sharma, father of Aryan Sharma, talks about his son’s holistic growth since he joined the Apeejay Stya University



Mr Ravi Sharma is a service engineer with Alpha Technocratz. His son Aryan Sharma is a first year B. Com ACCA student at Apeejay Stya University, School of Management Sciences. In an interview, he enlists reasons for being happy with the institute. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay Stya University over other universities?

I wanted  Aryan to get the best college. I checked on the internet and found that ASU, School of Management Sciences was ranked as one of the top colleges in the nation. I want that my child should get all the facilities that I did not get, so that he does better in life. His uncle is in Qatar in the finance sector. One of his colleagues had told him that ASU is one of the top universities in India. We got really good feedback. So I chose ASU for him. He had got admission in some other universities as well but we chose ASU.

Please tell us a bit about your child and take us through his progress at school?

Aryan is an all-rounder like me (laughs). He participates in music, dance and all other activities. In school, too, he was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. Earlier I had to coerce him to study but since he has joined ASU, he has become very responsible and mature. He studies effectively and regularly. He manages his time well. I can see that his future is bright having joined ASU. He has that craze in him to study well and achieve his mark in life. I feel happy from my heart when I see him being responsible and determined.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Yes, the teachers are very nice. I haven’t met them yet. My brother in law visited us during his vacation. So, he witnessed one of the online classes and appreciated the quality of teaching. Aryan often praises Professor Sunil and Professor Vivek for their teaching pedagogy. He also tells me about other professors who have encouraged him a lot.

What is the best thing about ASU, School of Management Sciences?

I think the best thing is that the teachers at ASU keep following up with the students on their progress and on the tasks given. They take the classes on time and ensure proper discipline even in the online classes. I heard Professor Sunil’s online class once and I felt that had I attended a lecture by a teacher like him, I too would have achieved wonders in life. 

What is your perception about the online classes?

In online classes the studies are going well. But in a regular college life, the student is active in spirit. Seeing the campus, talking to the teachers after the classes, going to the library for extra-study material, students having a good time together in the campus all such experiences are being missed out on. But online classes are at least better than nothing in the light of the pandemic.

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