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Have to be careful while reopening schools, no straight approach: Economist Amartya Sen



“We have to carefully observe the condition before opening schools… It is true students get hugely impacted if schools are closed. On the other hand, we have to look into the possibility of students getting infected after schools are open. There is a debate over this in Boston, the city where I live. There are different opinions on this in India, too,” Nobel laureate Amartya Sen said in a webinar organized by Pratichi India Trust-Sahajog.  
Asked about the evaluation in the present scenario, he said, “Even if we put emphasis on the evaluation we must remember it is not the last thing. Acquiring and sharing knowledge comes first. There are reasons to believe that the issue should be seen from different sides and perspectives. When we learn something for the first time, when we first comprehend the matter….is that linked with evaluation? We have to see. Evaluation will be certainly of use, but how much and in what way? We have to see if there is a link between evaluation and real education,” he said.