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God and Spirituality



By Bhavini

“God is like oxygen. You may not be able to see God but you definitely can’t live without God’s blessings”

Around 8.7 million species live on this planet. Out of which, 1.2 million species have been identified as insects, humans, animals, etc. But the question here arises: where did they come from ? And who created them? In a world in which we don’t even know about the identification of such a large number of species, how can we even imagine their creation.

Here comes the origin of the Divine Power – God. There are believers of God in two ways: some are his direct and active believers while others believe in him indirectly. But, each one of us knows that there exists some Divine Power, whom we also refer to as the Almighty God. Well, as per some the Almighty omnipresent. 

God does not mean related to any one religion, but it’s a supreme light present everywhere and in each one of us. People call God by various names. It’s just the perception which is subjective. But, GOD IS ONE and GOD IS GREAT! We may find ourselves in countless situations in our life journey starting from B (birth) to D (death). In between B TO D, lies the C that is ‘Choice’ to choose to believe the power of ‘God’. To believe that God is always there to help us out of struggles and shower us with happiness. So, we agree to the fact that God exists and because of him we exist.

God is our creator. He is Omnipotence which means with unlimited power. He is Omnipresence meaning present everywhere at the same time. He is Omniscience which means all knowing. He is loving, caring, faithful, merciful, compassionate, kind, strong, protecting, understanding, forgiving and gracious. God is our everything and we are blessed to have his grace. He creates us, sends us to this beautiful world – which is again created by him. He nurtures and nourishes us and he is there with us every time and everywhere. His love for us is unconditional. 

And thus, may his blessings remain with all of us always!