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From volcano models to talk shows: Social Studies isn’t boring any longer

Apeejay Svarn Global School, Faridabad recently hosted a Social Studies week for classes 6-12



Gone are the days when social studies was considered a boring, tedious subject. Today’s students enjoy social studies as a subject providing wide and varied perspectives about the world.

Teachers at Apeejay Svarn Global School, Faridabad aim to equip the students with essential skills of selection and analysis of information which enables them to understand and connect with the world around them.  Association of the knowledge gained through the subject with already existing information, empowers the students to engage with the world confidently. To encapsulate this spirit of education, the school organised a ‘Social Studies Week’ from August 2 to August 7. Students from classes 6 to 12 participated in various interesting activities and learned about many new exciting concepts.

 Students from class 4 participated in a ‘Tear and Paste’ map activity. Students labelled the physical features of India on the map and learned about the states in the respective physical features. Students of class 5 were a part of the exciting ‘Exploring Wildlife’ activity. The students wrote about the Democratic Republic of Congo and presented a talk show on the same. 

Class 6 students made creative models of latitudes and longitudes using different materials such as clay, thread, wool among others.  Through this hands-on task, they learnt about the longitudes and latitudes that pass through India.

Class 7 students performed a unique and interesting activity by preparing volcano models.  It helped students learn about the working of volcanoes and their various types. Beautiful flip-flap books were created by class 8 students, revealing details about the different types of natural vegetation.

Class 9 students designed elegant posters promoting education for all. While class 10 students wrote catchy slogans on the theme of ‘Conservation of Resources- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. They used their calligraphy skills to display their slogans gracefully.

Human Rights is a central aspect of social studies. Keeping this in mind, classes 11 and 12 were given activities focusing on the same. Class 11 students were asked to prepare a report on Human Rights.  The report included all facts and figures as well as the various incidents of violation of Human Rights in the world.

Students of class 12 were asked to prepare a scrapbook on human rights. The task involved taking books with blank pages and adding photos, memorabilia, journalling, and embellishments of various Human Rights activities around the world.

“The aim of Education is not only learning of facts but training of minds to think. Through a myriad of stimulating activities that offer insight into the impact of social studies on our lives, our young learners could connect with their subject most fruitfully.”

-Deepika Arora, Principal, Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad

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