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Faster than Flash: Meet the Abacus champ from Apeejay Svran Global School

Aadya Sharma, Apeejay Svran Global student, shares her experience of participating in the National Abacus championship.



Aadya Sharma is a class 3 student at Apeejay Svran Global School. She won the first and third position in the Accuracy and Speed rounds at the recently held National Abacus Championship. In an exclusive interview, she recounts her journey behind learning abacus, its impact on her daily life and her next targets in the world of lightning sums. Edited excerpts:

At what age did you start learning abacus?

I began learning abacus eight months ago. I was in class 2 then. Actually, I had lost my Nana Ji to Covid. I felt very sad and lonely. It was then that my mother enrolled me in the Abacus Champs Academy to keep me busy. That’s how I started with abacus.

Please tell us about your experience in the National Abacus Championship?

The championship was very tough. There were so many participants. Our academy has 75 branches all across the nation. So we had participants from all over from the nation.

In the speed round we had to do 200 sums within 15 minutes. The one who can do the maximum sums correctly is the winner. I did 135 sums in the speed round. I came third.

In the accuracy round we had to 50 sums through the visualisation technique and 50 sums on the abacus and all must be correct. I did all the sums within six minutes. All my answers were correct. I came first in the accuracy round. 

Does Abacus help you in your Math syllabus at school?

Earlier, I was afraid of Math but now I am not afraid anymore. I do 60-70 math sums within two minutes. Abacus has helped me a lot in Math at school. Other students do the sums on paper. I on the other hand do the sums quickly on finger tips through the visualisation technique. This makes me answer very quickly in the class.

What do you like the most in Abacus?

I like the visualisation technique the most. Earlier, I used the Abacus in the initial levels but now I visualise and do Math sums on fingertips using the visualisation technique. When I go to the market with my mother, I help my mother by doing the Math calculations on fingertips using the visualisation technique. I can do the calculations faster than my mother. (laughs).

How did Apeejay Svran Global School help you in pursuing your passion?

My principal ma’am Ms Deepika Arora has always encouraged me by telling me to believe in myself. She always helps me whenever I need any help. My Math teacher Ms Rajni and class teacher Ekta mam also encourage me a lot and make themselves available to help me at any time of the day.

At which level are you currently in the Abacus academy?

I have just finished my Senior Level 1. I am about to join Senior Level 2.

What is your practice schedule in abacus?

I practice abacus for an hour evert day at home including weekends. We have online classes of 45 minutes for three days a week at the academy.

What is your next target in Abacus?I want to win the International Abacus Championship this year. I am focusing on that.. 

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