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Ensuring peace between nations is the need of the hour



By Punyaa Dewan

A series of mishappenings have taken place in the world in the last couple of years that we had never imagined in our wildest dreams. The global economy was already reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the current conflicting situation between Russia and Ukraine poses a significant threat.

As an aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, both the countries as well as the world are affected. Many innocent people unfortunately became victims of this tussle. It’s disheartening and frightening. 

Neither the Russian President Vladimir Putin can claim victory, nor can Ukrainian President Zelensky claim defeat. All in all, the situation has created a storm where war-torn Ukraine has pangs of remorse, death, and separation. In fact, this war is also leaving significant consequences, including the trickle-down effect on other parts of the world. So many students from different  countries including India have been stranded there. In fact, with the Russia-Ukraine war not seemingly nearing an end any time soon, these students are worried about their future. 

Even though evacuation camps have been set up to rescue people, it disturbs me to see that anyone can bomb civilians. It’s a disaster, a sob story, and a harsh narrative. We might face problems and things that might not be in our favour, but we can have better solutions instead of war.

Carrying out a war is the ugliest thing. And increasingly, news updates on any unfortunate incident are making each one of us feel a little overwhelmed, stressed and even depressed.

Apart from this, other conflicts are going on in the Middle East and Africa that would serve no good. Innocent people suffer the most during these wars. 

Certainly, all of us would agree that a war is the worst. It creates chaos, causes bloodshed as well as disrupts the global economy. 

Therefore, wars should be banned all over the world. And the leaders must find an alternative to war and bloodshed. That could be a peaceful solution. 

Peace is something that should be eternal. We need to build peace between nations. Without peace, the world would walk towards nothingness. All we need is peace and harmony to coexist among nations. It’s heart-wrenching to see people losing their loved ones. 

Certainly, we need to establish peace.