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‘Detective Holmes’ contest at AFIIM exercises muscles of the mind



Inspired by iconic fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes, an hour-long puzzle solving competition titled Detective Holmes, was organised virtually on day one of the Apeejay Festival of Ideas by Ignited Minds (AFIIM), Season 3, hosted by the Apeejay Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning (AITSAP). 

There was an enthusiastic participation of senior school students (class 11 and Class 12) from across the country in the virtual festival on the theme of ‘Climate Change’. 

Before the quiz started, a cash prize of Rs 1,000 was announced for the winner and the result is likely to be announced on Saturday.

Ms. Jyotsna Gaur, a faculty member of AITSAP was the host for the competition. There were three rounds of competitions namely Brain Games, Picture Identification and Geometry & Mathematics.

Brain Games was an exercise of the cerebral kind. The source of this was the National Geographic Channel. Students were asked to arrange the days of the week alphabetically in 10 seconds. Another question was related to solving the puzzle by elimination. Lavanya Budhraj, a volunteer from class 12 got both the answers right. This was followed by a few other on-the-spot questions to explain the difficulty the brain may experience to change one’s mental choices. This round concluded with a language game in which the words in a paragraph were misspelled and the participants had to read it correctly.

Round 2 was a picture puzzle, in which participants had to memorise the picture and spot the hidden object. 

In the third round, two questions were asked and one of the questions had a cash prize as the reward.  

The best part about this competition was that after every question, the solutions were provided and explained to make students understand what went wrong while solving the puzzle.

The event was sponsored by Janta Stationery Mart.  

At the end of the competition, a video on climate change was shown to participants. Subsequently, a number of participants shared their views on the subject and a few of them came forward to share their contribution towards fighting climate change.

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