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Destined To Die- By Varun Mathpal: A Book Review



By Lakshita Kandpal

Destined to Die is an engrossing mystery novel. The mysterious aura binds the reader’s attention in the anticipation of what comes next. The 370 pages book is divided into 13 Chapters. The language of this book is simple yet gripping enough to compel the reader to read more after every chapter.

This novel is a compilation of a murder mystery and a paranormal thriller. The cover alone catches readers’ interest, and the content does justice to the cover. The first dialogue in the book is so intriguing that the story grabs the reader’s attention from the first line itself.

“So, my colleagues here tell me that they are having a hard time interrogating you. They say you wish to change your statement, is that right?”– Katelynn Stacey, Homeland Security Detective.

The story starts with an interrogation scene at Macedonia Police Station. Detective Katelyn, Officer Cody and Chief Ludlow takes us through a generation-long murder mystery, where they get deeper in trouble with each incident that every chapter unfolds. Mr. Warren, the lead suspect had already murdered 49 innocent souls to please the devil. Only one more soul and he will be free from his cage. The story revolves around how the detective trio tries to solve a paranormal murder mystery that goes 56 years back.

The characters are well introduced, one by one, and each of them has a backstory. How all the characters, their pasts and futures are connected is a very interesting plot. Destined to Die is a must-read for thrill seekers, and for readers who are interested in long, elaborated stories with increased suspense by each page.

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