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Depression versus motivation



By Himani Jain

Working on a computer, phone, tablet or any such device for too long leads to a severe pain called cervical spondylosis. Just to ease the pain, people rotate their neck, tilt it side to side or stretch it anyway possible because it relaxes their tired muscles. Now, this is the balance. You worked and then you relaxed till your muscles felt at ease. After that you are rejuvenated to carry on your work with more power.
Similarly, there has to be a balance between depression and motivation. You must know about people, their jobs, lifestyles and work to keep yourselves updated and socially connected. Social media platforms are the best to go through the world at large. This brings you across a number of profiles of different people but you take more interest in the profiles of the people your age. It’s natural to feel despondent by looking at the profile of someone your age, full of certifications, experiences and skills while all you do is stare at the screen and get a reality check about how idle you are or how poorly you are utilising your time when on the other hand how swiftly that person is progressing .You get intimidated, upset or even depressed , not because they are forging ahead but because you are still stagnant at the same step.

It’s okay to feel like this, but it’s not okay to hold on to that feeling for long. It’s okay because you are at least aware that you have to do something . It’s okay because the hustle to do something will come from within. It’s okay because you will want to try something new or continue improving something from the past.

Once you have passed that dejected phase and figured out where to start from, you move ahead with the idea, you work on it and you look for motivation everywhere. You then become confident as now you have a clue about what’s going on and you seem to be on the seventh cloud. From here, there are two paths. You get to choose only one of them.

You either consider yourself superior and don’t realise that the road is long and you only started the journey. You fail to comprehend the fact that once again you are stuck on one step and feel contented already.The second path is that you take out time, jump into the pool of profiles once again, this time just to feel a bit better about your own profile because now your ‘nothing’ has changed to ‘something’. You still have in mind that there’s a long way ahead and you have to enjoy the roller coaster .

You can choose either path. If you choose the first path, you’ll be engulfed by depression , not very soon but gradually. The outcome will make you weaker . If you choose the second path, you’ll be engulfed by motivation, not altogether but eventually. This will make you stronger .

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi