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‘Create ultra-short engaging ads to beat the dreaded “skip” button on YouTube,’ says 28-year-old CEO

Apeejay alumnus Dhananjay Goel, currently the CEO of MG Advertising Services, shares effective advertising strategies for startups



“It’s said that you’re never too old to start building wealth, but if you start when you’re young, you have far greater potential to achieve a fortune and more time to let the fortune compound itself as you grow older,” says 26-year-old Dhananjay Goel, the CEO of MG Advertising Services, a Delhi-based professionally qualified agency providing top of the line production of ad campaign, TV commercials and various audio-visual presentations.

Since the beginning, Dhananjay’s intention has been to leverage a 360 marketing strategy to create a unique image and empower the growth of his clients. Currently, at MG Advertising Services, they have prominent clients including UP Government, Goa Government, Railway Ministry, Uttarakhand Government, Mudra, Dentsu, Kinetic, Jagran, Engage, National Book Trust, to name a few.  

The advertising professional credits AIMC for instilling in him the merit and excellence that gave Dhananjay the ability to have prowess over his work. “MG Advertising Services flourished into the fastest growing advertising agency in Delhi. We started with print media and moved to outdoor media in 2022. We started creating billboards, transits, posters while designing flashy and popular hoardings in the heart and soul of the city,” he mentioned. To know more about this CEO’s journey, read edited excerpts:

How did Apeejay help you in this journey?

In 2017, I turned over a new chapter in my life when I completed my Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from AIMC. It was a life-changing experience, as I acquired essential skills and values from Apeejay.

I also did my internship next at GroupM as a Media Planner for 4 months. Next, I joined Crew4Events as their manpower coordinator. Further, I have worked as an event planner in the year 2019 with Wysiwyg Events organising the biggest event that is AutoExpo for KIA, a renowned automobile brand. In 2020, Covid locked down the event planning industries. The majority of the population sticks with the safe route, but I wanted to break away from the pack and wanted to try something new. As I kept building my skills, I committed to meet the high standards of excellence that Apeejay had imbibed in me. I developed my intellectual, artistic and professional talents to the highest degree and found an exalted sense of purpose in life.

Tell us a bit about MG Advertising 

I joined my family business and made it grow in the advertising line. MG Advertising Services flourished into the fastest growing advertising agency in Delhi. It commenced with the combined wisdom of advertising professionals carrying along with them, their experience, belief and expertise. As an alumni of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, I put my sharp understanding of advertising business and a fair amount of market experience into the growth of my company.

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In this tech-driven world, how is your organisation  advertising/branding a business to make it a hero?

With the help of 360 degree advertising, we, at MG Advertising Services, are taking forward businesses. We use reinforcing techniques, in addition to harnessing agile ways of working, core marketing technology and analytics. In this golden age of digitisation and technology, we advocate brands, generate conversations and increase engagement as well as sales through outdoor media, short films, print media, digital marketing, events and exhibitions.

Two trends you see in the advertising industry in the coming years?

1. Short-form video ads instead of long commercials and infomercials. Today’s consumers have little patience for long videos. Some brands are trending toward ultra-short, but incredibly engaging ads to beat the dreaded “skip” button on YouTube. Thus, short reels, videos on social media are here to stay in the advertising industry. 

2.  While it’s true that traditional OOH (Out-of-Home) models are facing challenges, I believe that OOH advertising is coming back because consumers are getting tired of the constant bombardment of advertisements on their screens. It has been tested and proven by us at MG Advertising Services itself, that unlike digital ads, one can’t just scroll past them; that’s part of the reason that outdoor advertising helps build brand recognition so much.

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