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Brand case study presentations with the industry experts



By: Lakshita Kandpal

How often does it happen that student projects get a chance to be presented in front of the Creative Director of India’s leading advertising and digital agency? We do not get these prestigious chances daily. So, when we go this opportunity, we made sure to grab and learn the most from it.

On 11 March, students from Corporate Communication and Event Management (CCEM) and Advertising and Marketing Communications (ADMC) got the golden opportunity to pitch their Brand Case Study presentations to Mr Arijit Sengupta, Group Creative Director, FCB Ulka.

Brand Case Study (BCS) is the major yearly project of CCEM and ADMC students that involves 360-degree study, analysis, and creation of a marketing campaign for a hypothetical product or service. The project takes into consideration all elements of integrated marketing communications and allows the students to learn the A to Z of making ads, PR strategies, events marketing, etc.

For the presentation, the entire class of CCEM and ADMC was divided into 4 teams: OG Sphere, Teamunique, Edellens, and Lintastic. They discussed and presented their ideas and scripts of television commercials. Each team got 30 minutes to give their presentation and answer all the queries of the guests. Mr. Satish Kapoor, Founding President of the Brotherhood Foundation and We Care International Film Festival, was also present to guide all 4 teams in the production of PSA videos.

After every presentation, the guests shared their thoughts on the ideas, suggested changes for improvement, gave their industry insights, and shed light on how production of advertisements actually happens in the industry.

The pre-production meeting with the moguls of the creative world shaped the ideas of all 4 teams in a better and organised manner. Minor details like background score, expressions, branding, using colours in the ads and so many things that the teams did not think of were sincerely discussed.

I personally look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained in future endeavours. We thank AIMC and Prof. (Dr) Pijush Dutta, Professor and Program Director at AIMC, for providing us with this valuable learning experience. We are grateful for the time and effort that was invested in teaching us, and we appreciate the guidance throughout this learning journey. We are confident that the skills and knowledge we have acquired will serve us well in our future endeavours and bring us one step closer to being industry-ready. 

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