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Benefits of attending a Liberal Arts University



When I came to Apeejay Stya University for admission, I learned that it is the leading liberal arts college in India. I wondered what would be the benefits of being a part of a liberal arts college. Today, I realise how it helped me in my overall development.

A liberal arts degree not only prepares students to make a living, but also to lead a life. Critical thinking, communication, problem-solving , self-expression, innovative research, and lifelong learning — all these skills are key elements of a liberal arts degree. A liberal arts degree prepares students for a lifetime of learning. It’s a lifelong resource that students can use to solve human problems and enhance human potential. 

And the liberal arts to learning is never obsolete. It is an education that is built throughout life, and not just during the four years that a student spends at the university. In fact, the skills developed through a liberal arts degree help students engage with their own humanity and that of others, not just earn a salary. 

In a broader sense, a liberal arts education prepares young minds for the future job market. They are well-versed with subject concepts via internships, live projects and field work. Of course, I can’t deny the evolution of a learner professionally! 

Speaking of how being a part of the liberal arts culture has helped me improve my personality, I want to say that it has actually helped me unveil my innate talents and abilities. I have become a more confident person while gaining vast knowledge and experience in different fields of activity. Yes, today I have become a better version of myself. 

And some of the skills that I nurtured over these years that I spent in Apeejay are:

• Analytical and knowledge construction skills

• Critical and evaluative thinking skills

• Creative thinking skills

• Effective verbal and written communication skills

• Critical and reflective reading skills

• Problem-solving skills and pattern intelligence

• Ability to synthesise and express the results of analysis and evaluation

• Ability to ask meaningful questions that promote understanding and knowledge

• Ability to research and organise material effectively

• Information literacy and other learning-to-learn skills

• Independent judgment and ethical decision making

• Ability to achieve goals, manage time and complete a project

• Self-confidence and self-image

• Ability to collaborate with others and work as a team

And like I mentioned above, these skills will help you stand out at work. Your opportunities are limited only when you put a hurdle to your imagination, or if you are not willing  to devote time and energy to your work. But liberal arts subjects unleash your thinking power. Studying liberal arts courses has definitely helped me expand my domain a bit more and help me achieve my job in the field I wanted. I bagged this job not only through my technical skills, but because of the additional knowledge that I received while studying various liberal arts subjects. After my 4 years of bachelor’s degree I can proudly say that I did my undergraduation from Apeejay Stya University. Apeejay has not only helped me enrich my skills in Computer Science has also helped me build myself in various other domains which make me more capable and confident when I stand in front of other people. Liberal Arts courses have enabled me to reach beyond my own experiences and imagine worlds far distant in time and space.

A liberal arts education has equipped me to participate effectively in various community services. It also helps me to look at finding solutions to global issues on topics like climate change, foreign affairs, gender diversity, social justice, ethnic strife, and so on.