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Being involved in what you are passionate about will serve you well later: An Interview with Shivam Dwivedi, alumnus Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park



Shivam Dwivedi

Shivam Dwivedi, is currently in second year of BSc Economics and Management in the prestigious King’s College London, ranked amongst the top 40 universities across the globe in QS World University Rankings. Shivam shares his journey of getting into the 4th oldest university in England and his campus experience till now…

“If you get into a prestigious college expect a heavy workload as you are competing with the best minds in the world. At school level, be an active participant in extracurricular activities.”

When is the right time to start planning higher education abroad?
I think it depends on student to student but to give you a general idea, it’s best to start planning as early as you can. It’s not about getting the documents and passport together. If you plan to study abroad you will be competing with the best minds in the world and if you are targeting the top 50 universities then the competition becomes fiercer. You need to have a stellar profile. Apart from academics you need to excel in extracurricular activities and aspire for leadership positions at school. I was the Head Boy of class 5th, 8th, 11th and 12th. I took part in every competition at school apart from dance and sports. My school gave me ample opportunities to hone my skills. But, you do not need to spread yourself too thin. If you love music and science, sign up for science club, technology club or music club. Being involved in what you are passionate about will serve you well later.

Your course seems interesting. Tell us a little bit about it?It’s a three-year integrated course which combines the main discipline of economics together with finance, psychology, accounting, law, marketing and human resource management. It’s a research-led curriculum that encourages debates on a wide range of contemporary economics and management issues. This course provides you with a solid background for postgraduate study in economics, finance, management and other related disciplines

What is your daily routine as a college student?
The schedule is pretty hectic. You need to get going from the word go.  If you want a good internship in second year which is necessary for a plum job in third year, then your first year has to be top-notch. My day usually starts at 8:30 am and ends at 6 pm. For every semester which lasts about 4 months, I have 9 subjects including a foreign language. Before we attend a live class of any subject, we are required to watch pre-recorded lectures of that particular subject which are generally about 2 hours long. Then, we have to read the specified reading materials, make notes and submit marked quizzes and assignments. You don’t get time for yourself. 

Tell us about the extracurricular options offered by the college?  
We have a plethora of options to choose from. We have about 300 plus societies ranging from Banking and Finance, all the way to mountain climbing, radio, and even archery. I am personally a committee member of 4 societies, namely the King’s Global Markets Society, King’s Banking and Finance Society, King’s Junior Consulting and King’s Indian Political Society. Getting into these societies is extremely competitive. You have to be among the best to make the cut. There is a strong focus on leadership and networking with weekly events for us to engage with industry leaders. For example, recently we got an opportunity to interact with the CEO of Trivago. We even have an entrepreneurship award to help us start our own venture. We also have access to podcasts on culture and history.

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