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Battle in Monarch



By Pushkar Dwivedi 

Monarch is an organisation made to stop Titan attacks. But at present, it helps many Titans like Godzilla and Kong. Some days after Godzilla and Kong teamed up to defeat an evil robot Mechagodzilla, the news came out that Monarch needs some more volunteers to help them out.

The minimum age to join the pact was 9 years. So, I decided to give it a try. I am 10 years old. Finally, I got selected. Our work was to explore Hollow Earth and The Great Titan War. Hollow Earth entries were easy because Kong lived there along with some humans.

When I came to Hollow Earth I was attacked by Warbats, but fortunately, Kong saved me. Kong was the King of Hollow Earth at that time. I soon found out that I have to report at a Monarch outpost in China. So, I quickly left Hollow Earth.

When I reached the outpost, I saw Godzilla, the Alpha Titan and the King of all Monsters. Even Kong cannot defeat him in all these years. I also witnessed Mothra, the Queen of Monsters in her cocoon.

There was a rumour. Someone said that Godzilla will kill Mothra. But Godzilla was just coming to meet her. He growled softly as Mothra sang her beautiful song. After Godzilla went back to his palace, I along with some others finished making a robot called ‘Jet Jaguar’.

Some days later, a Monarch outpost located in the Mexican city ‘Isla De Mara’ was in chaos. The titan ‘Rodan’, an ally of Godzilla was there. He was hit by a green beam, three yellow beams and a pink beam. It was Titanosaurus, Monster King, Ghidorah and Destroyoah who did that.

Godzilla and Rodan tried their best to defeat them but they lost. I said to the people of Hollow Earth that they should come to Isla De Mara with Kong. Kong and Mothra came to help Godzilla and Rodan.

Mothra spat out her web on Destroyoah’s horn. Kong threw an axe at Ghidorah but he attacked him with his gravity beams. Then, I knew it was the perfect time to use Jet Jaguar.

After Jet joined the fight, a Cyborg alien was spotted. It was Gigan, the friend of King Ghidorah. An intense fight and a big missile containing the nuclear substance ‘Thermonuclear Juice’ hit Godzilla.

It caused him to turn into ‘Thermal Godzilla’. Ghidorah, Destroyoah, Titanosaurus and Gigan tried their beams but it did nothing to Thermal Godzilla. However, Godzilla finished the fight with five Thermo-nuclear pulses.

After that, Rodan went back to hibernation. Kong went to Hollow Earth and Mothra returned to China. Jet Jaguar was due for repairs and Godzilla set foot into the sea.