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Back-to-school: ‘Apeejay Svran Global has launched many initiatives on campus to make learning fun’

Class 10 student Jia Zutshi talks about her experience with Apeejay, role as a Kathak dancer in school, career aspirations and more



A talented Kathak dancer of the Lucknow gharana, Jia Zutshi has been learning the art form for six years now. The class 10 student of Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad Sector – 21 D received her training at school from Ms. Pragya Sharma, her dance teacher. Asked if she wants to make a career out of dance, Jia says, “I want to be a doctor and dancer both. Interestingly, many successful doctors in India are also accomplished dancers and I want to be like them.” Edited excerpts from the interview:

What draws you towards pursuing medicine?

I want to help people through my skills and knowledge. Some members of my family are doctors and the more I hear their stories, the more I want to pursue medicine.

How has been your experience at Apeejay Svran Global School?

I am fortunate to be a part of this school since grade 2. The institution is dear to me and I have countless memories attached to it. I love everything about it; the teachers are very nice and supportive. The school also provides excellent infrastructure and opportunities.

Did you enjoy the online schooling at home during Covid-19?

Yes, but it is not the same as the physical classes at school. I have observed that those who are shy or hesitant feel a little uncomfortable sharing their doubts in the online mode. The beauty of physical classes is that the teachers know you so well, they can really look at your face and tell if you are with them or not while studying any topic. And so, they explain it all over again. I surely prefer the offline mode.

What did you miss about the school?

I missed chatting with my teachers and friends. It is a different feeling to be able to do so face-to-face.

Back-to-school, what are the new on-campus initiatives?

One interesting thing that we have started at school is gardening. I own many plants at home but never got the chance to study them thoroughly. I think that this initiative of the school is adding to my awareness about plants. Also, we watch many course-related videos at school which are followed by interactive discussions. I think it is a great way to share knowledge and information.

How did Apeejay encourage you at extra-curricular activities?

My dance teacher at school taught me everything! I wasn’t a born dancer, I was made into one by my teacher, Ms. Pragya Sharma. She never gave up on me and pushed me to become better at the art form. During my online examinations, I danced at home to express my emotions and de-stress myself. The school has also given me several opportunities to perform on-stage and be an integral part of the assemblies and functions.   

Your role model?

Saswati Sen, the renowned Kathak dancer who is a senior disciple of Late Pandit Birju Maharaj ji. I admire her wisdom, mannerisms and way of communication. She is very intelligent and sincere!

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