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At Apeejay Svran Global, a week-long celebration of the scientist in you!

Students recently hosted the ‘Science week’ in which students learnt scientific concepts through a smorgasbord of fun activities



Apeejay Svran Global students recently celebrated ‘Science week’ at the school. From November 17- 23, students across various classes engaged in activities and events with a common objective: Celebrate a spirit of discovery, innovation and exploration.

For instance, Class 2 students designed a ‘happy meal’ plate as a part of the celebrations. In this activity, students divided a disposable plate into different compartments. Each compartment represented a different food item. The students then pasted pictures of different food items in each compartment as per the respective food groups.  Thus they designed a ‘happy meal’ representing a healthy plate for themselves.

Through this activity, young students realised that every meal must have a variety of food items. It must include all food groups to maintain a healthy nutritional balance in the body.

Class 3 students undertook a simple yet fun quiz to learn about the anatomy of a plant.  Students played a virtual quiz in which they earned points for every correct answer. Such an activity based learning method ensured maximum participation amongst the students and created an atmosphere of joyful learning.   

Class 4 students learnt about the importance of basic first-aid and applied their knowledge by simulating their use. A presentation providing details about the use of first aid was shown to the students, followed by a question and answer session. The students practiced their first-aid skills on their siblings and understood the importance of first-aid as a life-saving procedure.

Class 5 students learnt about the various layers in the soil by making soil profiles in plastic jars using pebbles, sand and soil. Students laid the materials into a clear jar in their proper sequence. Then they learnt about each layer of soil in detail.

Class 6 students came up with simple electronic circuits using basic components of a circuit such as cells, wires and bulbs. Students enjoyed the activity and gradually added other components such as motors and fans. The practical applications of an electronic circuit were discussed and this helped students to understand the functioning of electronic circuits in appliances of everyday use.

A riddle-based activity on general science was designed for students of class 7 in which students tried to solve riddles about basic science concepts. The activity not only tested the knowledge of students but also sharpened their speed and accuracy in solving the riddles. 

Class 8 students solved puzzles on different science topics. Students enjoyed the activity immensely and also discussed many science concepts post the activity.

Class 9 students organised a special assembly on the theme: A healthy heart. The virtual assembly aimed to create awareness on heart health and give students some tips to maintain good health.

 The assembly began with a soulful recitation of the Gayatri mantra by Divyanshi.  Sonam Choudhry melodiously sung the daily prayer. It was followed by recitation of the school pledge by Shriram Sharma and the thought for the day by Utkarsh. Harshpreet Kaur narrated the daily news. The assembly was compered by Harjas Kaur.

Anshika Bhattacharya and Aditri Arya gave a presentation putting together facts about cardiovascular diseases. Aditri Arya also suggested some tips to maintain a healthy heart. Aaveni Rajput recited a quote on the same.

Addressing the students, Principal Mrs Deepika Arora suggested ways to maintain a healthy heart and requested everybody to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

A science activity, ‘Find the missing values,’ was conducted for class 9 students. Students were shown various science values, statements and laws. They were expected to find out the physical quantity that resembled the hints. In another activity, class 9 students were shown pictures of various scientists for identification. Students enjoyed both the activities thoroughly.

Class 11 students were given a puzzle on the topic: Cell cycle and division. They also gave presentations on the need for conservation of energy and on the effectiveness of e-waste management systems. This science week activity not only enhanced the research aptitude of the students but also showcased their presentation skills.

In another activity, class 11 students were shown different types of polymers available to them at home. Students enjoyed the activity and discussed its practical application and uses.

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