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Aspirations of an average man 



By Pranav Prashar

Waking up everyday with nothing to look forward to, just the constant pressure of his family, the rude taunts of his boss, and the constant reminder that he was a nobody. This was just an average day in the life of Mohan. He was just a nobody, he didn’t have any talents. He sat at his desk alone while his colleagues danced, he sat at the table alone while his parents cheered his younger brother for clearing NEET. Mohan had no dreams, his flame had extinguished by now. 

Though it was not always like this. Once, he was very good in studies and sports. He was an all rounder! But god knows what suddenly happened? Life wasn’t fair to him and he couldn’t clear his class 12. After that, he couldn’t get into a good college. Later, he was unable to grab any good job. In the eyes of his family and friends, he was a complete nobody.

Mohan’s life is just an example of millions of Indian minds, who go through this feeling of ‘being a nobody’. Every one has certain demands from them but somehow they feel they are unable to perform and fulfill all the expectations. However, what must become a priority for an average  man is to wish for a good and satisfying life. And that is something one has to create by taking baby steps.  

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi