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Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world



By Raghav Gupta

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of two words: Artificial and Intelligence, which refers to man-made intelligence. Therefore, when machines are equipped with man-made intelligence to perform tasks in a smart and intelligent way, similar to humans, it is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is all about developing intelligent machines that can simulate the human brain to work and behave like human beings.   

Since I am a coder and have a huge interest in this developing technology, I am currently working on machine learning (ML) and have attended several webinars on AI and ML. I believe that with AI, machines can develop human-based skills such as learning, reasoning, and solving logical problems. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies that is making human life much easier by providing solutions to complex problems.

AI has brought different opportunities for everyone, and hence, it is a very demanding technology in the global market. One of the biggest achievements of Artificial Intelligence is that it can reduce human error and can be very helpful in risky situations where humans can’t reach or find difficulty in survival. Such as exploring the deepest part of the sea.

With AI, 24X7 support can be provided to the customers using chat-bots as customer care. Repetitive actions can be boring for human beings, but with AI-enabled machines, they can be performed with full efficiency. It is very helpful in daily activities, such as Google Assistant Alexa, and other virtual assistant technology that are helping to make our lives easier.

AI is based on two components i.e capabilities and functionalities. AI is widely used for different strategic games such as Chess (where the machine needs to think logically), and video games to provide real-time experiences.

Artificial Intelligence is also used in the field of Robotics to develop intelligent robots. AI-implemented robots use real-time updates to sense any obstacle in their path and update it accordingly.  These robots can be used for carrying goods in hospitals and industries and many more.

Different social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are using AI to make the user experiences much better by providing different features. For example, Twitter uses AI to recommend tweets as per the user’s interest and search history.

On the other hand, there are multiple challenges that the AI industry faces.   It requires a huge amount of data for a good result, but in the real world, data is available either in raw or unstructured form, that contains lots of impurities and missing values that cannot be processed or analysed.

Hence the processing of such data is a big task for organisations. It takes lots of effort and is also a time-consuming process. AI is growing continuously and rapidly day-by-day, and more people are accepting the proven ideas of AI. The growing demand for AI also requires developers of AI tech.

However, professionals are aiming to develop high-level AI skills with an aim to bring a huge revolution in the whole world. Therefore, we can conclude that it is a great technology, but each technique must be used in a limited way in order to be used effectively, without any harm.

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