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Are we alone?



By: Neelesh OJ Mishra

You find yourself in a deep forest, in a dark night. The forest is full of fog, and not a single soul to be seen. You grow restless and wonder whether you are alone or there is someone around. You desperately want to escape, but your only hope is to find a way out or wait for the night to end.

As you move around the forest aimlessly, you wonder how you survive the night. The last thing you want to do is shout, “I’m here.” The next to last thing you want to do is reply to someone who shouts, “I’m a friend.” What do you do if you find someone just like you? You have to kill to secure your life.

It is quite possible that you are the only intelligent living in the forest. No one had stumbled into the forsaken forest and probably you were the first. It is also possible that the others just didn’t make it, maybe they died of hunger, thirst or were killed.

As the night goes on, you feel like you’re being watched. You turn around only to see a plant shaking ever so slightly. Maybe it was the wind. Suddenly you hear a faint noise in front of you only to realise it was just a leaf falling from the tree over your head. You suddenly notice a shadow move from the corner of your eye, but you are too scared to move. Maybe it’s just your mind playing tricks on you… or is it not?

Finally, after all that walking you find yourself in front of a clearing – you might be closer than you thought to escaping safely. While you are thinking all of this, you notice another figure just on the opposite side. Another human! Your mind races with options. The best you can do is to step into the clearing together. You get closer to the person. Is he a friend or an enemy? Only time will tell.