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‘Apeejay was the first to roll out the perfect blueprint for online learning’

Ayesha Mir, mother of Aaireen, a KG student of Apeejay School – Panchsheel Park, said the school curriculum is activity-based and complements the learning curve of students.



Ayesha Mir along with her spouse Tahir Mir and daughter Aaireen

Ayesha Mir, along with her spouse Tahir Mir, runs a handicraft business. They are proud parents of Aaireen, a 4-year-old bright student of Apeejay. In an informal chat, Ayesha elaborates on the role of school in keeping the learning spirit alive during the pandemic. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?

Like other parents, we wanted to pick the best school for our child. That’s why we applied for nursery admission in Apeejay as we were mighty impressed with its infrastructure and Apeejay group’s legacy of over 50 years of excellence in education. Apeejay is also known for providing a range of opportunities to students to express themselves across domains, including sports. To put it simply, Apeejay ticked all the boxes. However, Aaireen was not selected in the first list. The selection process was transparent and the names of the selected students’ were announced in the school’s auditorium in front of the parents. After that, the school Principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta, came to the stage and stated categorically that the school doesn’t accept any kind of donation and only gives preference to merit. Till that moment, I have never seen a Principal speaking openly against the menace of donation. It gave the parents a lot of confidence. Thankfully, we got lucky, and when the second list came out we got Aaireen enrolled in Nursery.

Aaireen has an active interest in Show and Tell activities

Tell us about the progress you have noticed in Aaireen since joining the school?

When the pandemic forced the closure of schools, we were apprehensive as to how the learning will pan out. However, Apeejay Panchsheel was the first school in Delhi-NCR to roll out the perfect blueprint for online learning. I am sure this holds true for other Apeejay schools as well. I am making this statement after taking feedback from my friends whose children are studying in other schools. The curriculum was created in a jiffy on Moodle and the online classes started right on time. Talking about Aaireen, she always has a keen interest in ‘Show and Tell’ activities, so after she got enrolled in school, I requested her class teachers to ensure that Aaireen’s interest in this activity remains intact. I believe activities such as ‘Show and Tell’ are a wonderful introduction to public speaking. Thanks to her class teacher, Honey ma’am, Aaireen last year won a ‘Show and Tell’ inter-school competition in which around 15 schools participated. In the last 2 years Aaireen has participated in numerous other contests such as Role Play activity, Rhyme Recitation Activity, Painting competition, Hindi poetry competition and Fancy dress competition, among others.

It’s difficult to engage the little ones virtually. Tell us about the teaching methods adopted by the faculty to make learning fun and exciting?

Apeejay must be credited for designing the curriculum which is in tune with the learning curve of students. The teachers put a lot of emphasis on activity-based learning as it motivates students to participate in their own learning experience via practical activities. For example, while teaching shapes to kids, the class teachers ask every child to collect items from around the house, then sort them by their shapes. Such activities are extremely helpful. Also, teachers ensure that everyone in the class gets a chance to speak.  

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