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‘Apeejay teachers help shape the personalities and morals of students’

Sarita Mehra, mother of Aaditya, a class 8 student of Apeejay Kharghar, says its educators do justice to the talent and potential of every student



Sarita Mehra with her husband Chetan Mehra and son Aaditya

Sarita is a homemaker while her husband, Chetan Mehra, is Executive Director with Ashapura Perfoclay Ltd. Their 13-year-old son, Aaditya Mehra, is studying in class 8 of Apeejay School, Kharghar since Nursery. In an informal chat, Sarita laid bare the role of school in the overall growth of her son.

Why did you enrol Aaditya in Apeejay?

We had shortlisted three schools for Aaditya including Apeejay. After a thorough deliberation and discussion, which included taking feedback from multiple quarters, we picked Apeejay. In my locality there were a couple of students who were enrolled in Apeejay and their parents have fantastic things to say about the school and its former Principal Mrs. Indu Mathur. I believe Ms. Mathur had put in a lot of effort to help establish Apeejay’s reputation as the best school in Kharghar. The admission process was genuine and conducted professionally. It was not an eyewash like we see in other schools. The parents and students were evaluated purely on the basis of merit. 

Tell us about the progress made by Aaditya over the years?

I am 100 per cent satisfied with the school. After six months of joining the school, Aaditya learnt how to write alphabets. He has won multiple medals in Spelling Bee competitions along with International English Olympiad (IEO) and International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). He also has keen interest in sports and is part of the school football team. To sum it up, whether its studies or extra-curricular activities, Aaditya is doing well in all the spheres and this has contributed to his holistic development. I also like to point out that the school leaves no stone unturned to ensure the security of all students. Aaditya travels by school bus and the skilled staff ensures that all protocols are followed in letter and spirit.

Teachers play an integral role in students’ learning. How has been your experience with the educators?

The school has an excellent set of teachers’ right from the primary to secondary level. They do justice to the talent and potential of every student. You can’t pick one, they are all good. Their effort is to spruce up the personalities and morals of students.

How do you see value-based education helping build the morals of students?

It’s difficult to put in words. When I notice the friends’ circle of Aaditya I can make out from their behaviour and the way they talk that they are educated and well-mannered. I get the similar impression when I notice the behaviour of other students from the school. I have also interacted with my peers and they too appreciate the conducive environment of the school. They are relieved that their children won’t get spoiled.

Share with us your most memorable moment.

Aaditya was in Nursery and it was his third day at school. I remember he came back from school and while pointing at something I said, ‘This is so dirty’, Aaditya retorted and said, ‘No Mama, it’s filthy.’ I was overjoyed and in the first Parent-Teacher meeting I thanked the class teacher Ms. Savita Shetty for teaching him new words and expanding his vocabulary. He also won numerous competitions that too has made me proud.

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