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Apeejay school unveils lifelike portrait of late Smt Rajeshwari Paul

Apeejay schools in Jalandhar honoured late Smt Rajeshwari Paul’s love for art through music and dance performances



Apeejay Rama Mandi celebrated late Smt Rajeshwari Paul‘s 98th birth anniversary recently. One of the highlights of the celebrations was a stunning lifelike portrait of late Smt Paul, wife of Apeejay’s founder chairman late Dr Stya Paul, painted by the school music teacher Ms Nidhi Sharma. The painting was unveiled at the event by principal Sangeeta Nistandra. 

Talking about the portrait, Ms Sharma remarked, “Painting is my passion. Our principal Ms Sangeeta Nistandra believes in encouraging the talent of the students and teachers. She encouraged me to make a portrait of the first lady of Apeejay Education. I volunteered and prepared this portrait. As the popular saying goes, ‘When women support each other, incredible things happen’.” Ms Sharma was among the first teachers to join Apeejay Rama Mandi when it was formally started in 2002. 

Showcasing their brilliant talent, the school choir gathered to sing bhajans and Sufi songs to honour the “first lady”. Some of the students performed solo songs; a class 7 student paid tribute through classical dance called ‘Nari tu Narayani’. Girls from class VIII also performed bhangra.

Teachers, including Ms Rajni Bhatia, Ms Sonia, Ms Ramandeep Kaur, Ms Preeti Sharma, and Ms Navneet Kaur, participated in the celebration too by presenting an enthralling mime fusion. The school’s dance teacher Ms Shama left the audience awestruck with a beautiful presentation of six Indian classical dance forms. An exquisite art exhibition was displayed on the sidelines under the guidance of art teacher Mr Amit Kumar.

Echoing Smt Paul’s vision, academic coordinator Ms Anand Mahon delivered an engaging talk on the importance of visual and performing arts. Students were encouraged to take an adequate interest in art and hone their artistic skills.

While reading out a special message from Smt Sushma Paul Berlia, Smt Paul’s daughter and current president of Apeejay Stya & Svran Group, the school principal highlighted the various attributes possessed by Smt Paul. “Involvement with the liberal and performing arts allows students’ multiple intelligences to be acknowledged, developed, and appreciated. Children who learn and think differently may well possess verbal, physical, and interpersonal skills, logical and intuitive thinking, and spatial and kinesthetic intelligence…With the help of these arts, students learn to decide & determine, and analyse a situation.  They also develop logical thinking skills. All this helps them to decide on various alternatives while making better choices for their work.

“I feel proud in sharing that Apeejay Education has been the pioneer in promoting Visual and Performing Arts in its institutions commencing from Apeejay College of Fine Arts initiated as Rajeshwari Kala Sangam after Madam Rajeshwari’s name. All Apeejay institutions fervently work in bringing the best out of each child with our own Rama Mandi school being no exception,” she added.

Vice principal Ms Aarti Shorey proposed a formal vote of thanks.

A musical tribute at Apeejay Tanda Road

Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar, witnessed students and faculty come together to pay homage to late Smt Paul.

Teachers and students paid a floral tribute to the visionary, remembering her noble life. Students treated the audience to harmonious bhajans and energetic dance performances. The head girl of the school enlightened everybody about the remarkable contributions of Smt Paul in shaping Apeejay. 

School coordinator Deepti Kaushal further read out a heartfelt message by Smt Sushma Paul Berlia. She talked about her mother’s love for art and how her legacy continues to thrive in the hearts of all at Apeejay through art and culture.

Students were encouraged to uphold the vision of late Smt Paul and in the process value art.

Late Smt Paul is remembered for her generosity of spirit. An epitome of love and empathy, she was a motherly figure to all and brought faith and hope to the lives of others in the Apeejay family. She celebrated various art forms throughout her life and was instrumental in incorporating them into the school curriculum. 

“Art is a way of life as aptly quoted by Luhraw, ‘Before, I could only guess who I was. Now, thanks to my art, I know who I am.’ We at Apeejay Rama Mandi make our students appreciate life and to appreciate life, we need to appreciate beauty and goodness in others.”

-Sangeeta Nistandra, principal, Apeejay Rama Mandi

“The event was marked by reverence for our beloved Smt Rajeshwari Paul ji and a day to celebrate the school’s great legacy.”

-Girish Kumar, principal, Apeejay Tanda Road

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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