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‘Apeejay School has responded better than many IT companies to the pandemic’

Akash Tripathi, father of Apeejay Noida student Aarush Tripathi, a project manager with Magic Finserv, says the school shifted seamlessly to virtual mode to impart online classes to the students



Why did you choose Apeejay over other schools for your ward’s admission?

There are two reasons primarily. I applied to many schools for my son’s admission. Along with Apeejay, I even had some other top schools in mind. But the fastest action was taken by Apeejay School.  We got a call from the school, the very next day of our application.  Some of the other schools replied months later and some have not responded till date.  Apeejay was the first, the fastest to respond, apart from being the most convincing school.

Secondly, the school staff explained the admission process to me in a very detailed, polite and pleasant manner. The communication skills of the admission staff in the school is very reassuring. I got a notice from the school two days prior to my child’s virtual interview. The teachers interacted with my son in a very interesting way. I feel it is a big achievement to be able to engage such a small child in a virtual interview. The entire admission process was done online and we did not face any hassles.  We are very satisfied with Apeejay School, Noida.

Please tell us about your child and take us through his progress?

My son Aarush Tripathi is a student of Nursery. As you can see, he is very small, barely three years and a few months old.  I am very happy with his progress. He is a quick learner, he is a bit impulsive and moody like all little kids , doesn’t like to sit in one place for long but he learns fast and delivers well.

I have observed, Jolly Phonetics (a special class on phonetics and the way words sound for beginners) is his favourite subject. He likes Maths as well. I was also very good in Maths during my school days, so I’m happy he’s taken after me in this regard. He is very agile, interactive and energetic. In short, he is a very active boy.

Do you think the teachers are engaging well with the children?

I think they are performing their role very nicely. The way they talk and engage with such young students is very comforting.   Ms Ritu Sachdeva teaches him. I myself watch the engagement class which she takes in the evening. Students are taught art and craft, story-telling and many other skills.

What is the best thing about the school?

The school is very attentive to the queries of all parents. They listen to the query on a priority basis and clarify or solve it as soon as possible.  The school teachers are very helpful in this regard. Either they themselves solve the parent’s query or direct the parent to the person who can.

Also the way the school is teaching the syllabus is very different. Apeejay School is not just formally training the students. They are, I would say, educating them in the truest way. They are developing the child’s interest in the subject before teaching him/her. I like this a lot about the school.

How do you perceive the experience of online classes during the pandemic?

I think it has been a very good experience. I am myself able to watch what my child is being taught.  I am also able to observe where my child is and is not performing well. I also think that the children are safe at their respective homes during the pandemic and are learning well with the online mode of education.

I would also like to mention that many institutions could not shift from physical to virtual mode during the Covid-19 pandemic. But Apeejay School, Noida did very well in this regard. Big IT companies haven’t been able to do this: I am an IT person myself so I can vouch for that.

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