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‘Apeejay Model Town’s teaching methods helped my daughters learn English words very quickly’

Mother-of-two Dr Aakshi Sachar says the teacher-student ratio in the school facilitates proper guidance of children



Dr Aakshi Sachar with her husband Dr Ankul Sachar and their kids

From being extremely patient with children to helping them out individually, teachers at Apeejay Model Town, Jalandhar, make a lot of efforts for the students, says Dr Aakshi Sachar, consultant-neonatologist, Sachar Hospital. Her children Saanvi and Anaysha are studying in the school in classes 2 and nursery respectively. In an interview, she talks about how Apeejay uses effective interactive teaching methods, boosts children’s confidence, and so on. Edited excerpts:

Why did you choose Apeejay Model Town?

We chose the school primarily because our children’s cousins were already studying there. Their parents gave us a positive review. When I enrolled Saanvi, the first thing I noticed was that the school had a good teacher-to-student ratio which is crucial when in the case of small children. That is the reason we enrolled our younger daughter too.

Given the teacher-student ratio, are your children getting personal attention from the teachers?

Yes, the teachers are excellent. They are extremely patient, cooperative, and encouraging. They have been giving proper attention to my daughters. I like the way they teach—they go slow enough to help children grasp and also help them whenever needed.

To keep such small children engaged in the class, are teachers using fun and interactive methods?

Absolutely! They use many interactive methods, some of which have also been proven medically to help children learn more easily, write, recognise things, etc. My younger one can talk in English comfortably and that is all because of the school. She knows how to use a particular word in a sentence, which in itself is great progress.

Saanvi was in upper kindergarten when the online classes started. Through phonetics, she learned English words very quickly. Now she can read English with ease.

What about exposure beyond academics, like extra-curricular activities?

This is one thing I love about Apeejay. It is not like only a few students, who have proved their talents, get to participate in these activities. The teachers encourage all children to go up on the stage and perform. This boosts children’s confidence and helps them explore their abilities. That is one reason that Saanvi began to dance. She dances very well. Once she started performing, it helped her overcome stage fear. Otherwise, she is a shy girl. Even in the school’s annual function, the teachers involve every child.

As a working parent, have you found teachers helpful enough in keeping you updated with things happening at school or giving timely feedback?

Yes, they do. They routinely update parents about school programmes, assignments, and so on. Now they also share a monthly activity plan with the parents. 

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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