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‘Apeejay infused curiosity in my daughter and enhanced her speaking skills’

M.R. Dhania, father of Apeejay Kharghar students Lamya and Sajal, says building good communication at a young age is critical for a child’s growth and future learning



M.R. Dhania with his wife Neeraj Dhania and children Lamya and Sajal

M.R. Dhania is an Appraising Officer with Indian Customs, Mumbai while his wife Neeraj Dhania is a former teacher and now a homemaker. Both their children have been studying in Apeejay School, Kharghar since nursery. Lamya is in class 8 and Sajal is in class 2. In a freewheeling chat, M.R. Dhania explains how the school has played a pivotal role in the overall growth of his children.

Why did you choose Apeejay over other schools?

In 2012, when I shifted from Powai to Kharghar, I started hunting for the best school for Lamya. I zeroed in on three-four schools including Apeejay. Being a former government teacher, I did meticulous research on each of the short-listed schools. My prime focus was to select a school that offered the best academic atmosphere. I also talked to my friends and other parents and they unanimously recommended Apeejay. I was told that Apeejay offers a results-focused learning environment. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that admissions in Apeejay are merit-based, unlike other schools which demand money. The icing on the cake was that Apeejay is in the vicinity of my house. After a thorough analysis, I got Lamya enrolled in the school.

So, how have been you experience till now?

I am fully content with the school that’s why I also got my son admitted to the school. Lamya has completed 10 years’ in Apeejay and I couldn’t be happier. She has been consistently ranked among the top performers. The school gives special emphasis on public speaking skills, as a result, she started speaking in fluent English in class 2 itself. I studied from a Hindi background and to see my daughter’s top-notch communication skills gives me immense happiness. I believe building good communication at a young age is critical for a child’s growth and future learning. The school has also infused Lamya with curiosity. She is always eager to learn new things. For instance, during summer holidays, she spends some time with my nephew who is preparing for UPSC. Lamya got so curious about the Civil Services Exam that she is now hell-bent on becoming an IAS officer. However, it’s not as if she is good only in academics, she is an excellent dancer too and participates in all extracurricular activities. My son, Sajal, is also making good all-round progress.

How have the teachers performed during the pandemic?  

The teachers have done a commendable job in keeping students engaged during Covid through academic and non-academic activities. As the state has eased Covid-19 curbs, teachers have started giving online lessons from the school itself. I think it’s a great move as teaching within the confines of the home might take the sting out of online learning. When you provide a teacher with a classroom environment, the learning outcome could be better. I am also thankful to the teachers for giving equal attention to each student. Also, Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are conducted every month and parents are given detailed feedback about their wards.

Share with us your most memorable moments.

Every year my daughter wins awards in various fields, but when she was in class 6 she started winning every competition she participated in. As a result, the school has to put a cap on the number of events a student can participate in. This was to ensure that a fair chance is given to everyone. It was indeed a proud moment for me as it was testament to the skill of my daughter.

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